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US News: migrants: the increasingly murderer handle with the arrival of the winter

NATO judges "unacceptable" how Belarus "uses" the migrants

 NATO judges © Kacper Pempel / Reuters a vehicle circulates near a fence built by Polish soldiers on the border between Poland and Belarus near the Village of Nomiki, Poland, August 26, 2021. Photo Stock Illustration. An NATO manager denounces the use of migrants by the Belarusian regime, accused of deliberately encouraging the illegal entry of foreigners in Poland in particular, in response to the penalties that the European Union imposed on Minsk for violations of human rights.

Un gendarme maritime recherche des migrants tentant de traverser la Manche, le 12 août 2021 © Francois Lo Presti a maritime constable for migrants tempting to cross the Channel, on 12 August 2021

London judged Friday "unacceptable" the Number of illegal crossings of the Channel by migrants since France, which reached a thousand Thursday - a new record - while the human balance was still rolled out.

La traversée de la Manche © Patricio Arana The crossing of the

Channel two shipwrecked migrants reported Thursday morning the sea disappearance of three of their comrades, after having been rescued by a star of the French gendarmerie.

they had tried the crossing of this strait, narrow but made very dangerous by the density of traffic, the wind, the currents and the low temperature of the water, on kayaks, found to the drift off Calais, explained The maritime prefecture of the North Channel and the sea in a statement.

Poland-Belarus: The tragedy experienced by the thousands of migrants may last

 Poland-Belarus: The tragedy experienced by the thousands of migrants may last © Via Reuters - Obtained by Reuters it was 1 ° Celsius Wednesday 10 November in the morning in the border Polish region with Belarus. Thousands of migrants, by glacial time, always hope to cross the Polish border and set foot in the European Union. They arrived there because Belarus's authoritarian regime provided them visas, before pushing them to the border with Poland, who does not want to welcome them. These migrants are currently in a prohibited area between the two countries.

The research, interrupted Thursday at dusk, will not resume Friday, according to the maritime prefecture.

According to the British Ministry of the Interior, the new drama occurred while a thousand migrants crossed the handle Thursday, a new record.

"The number of illegal migrants who left France (Thursday) is unacceptable," said a spokesman for the department.

"The British audience has enough to see people die while mild criminal groups take advantage of their misery," he added, saying that the controversial bill reforms the asylum system, in progress "Adoption," will repair the broken system that encourages migrants to make this deadly ".

Des migrants près du camp dénommé la © Denis Charlet migrants near the camp named the "Jungle" in Calais in the Pas-de-Calais on July 26, 2016

This reform plans to treat asylum seekers differently depending on whether they arrived in the country legally or illegally.

Migration Crisis: Poland deploys thousands of soldiers at its border with Belarus

 Migration Crisis: Poland deploys thousands of soldiers at its border with Belarus © P - Leonid Shcheglov Migrants face Polish police officers at the border between Poland and Belarus on November 8, 2021. The situation Stay extremely tense at the border between Poland and Belarus. Several thousand refugees are still massed at the border on the Belarusian side facing the military device set up by Poland.

Video: Migrants: Why Channel Crossings are already twice as big this year (BFMTV)

The Flying Migratory Crossings on Small Crafts Seams for months Tensions between London and Paris, the British authorities feeling insufficient efforts undertaken French side to prevent them despite the payment of financial aid.

Between January and end of September, 29,360 migrants (possibly counted several times) borrowed this migratory path, 15,553 succeeding in rallying the English coast, according to the prefecture of Pas-de-Calais.

Particularity of the year 2021: The crossings do not slow despite the approach of winter.

- "An important supply of smugglers" -

The month of November was very deadly for migrants who try, sometimes with very rudimentary means, to rally England.

Last week, the body of a migrant had been found in a small boat filled with water on a Pas-de-Calais beach, along with two other migrants in a state of severe hypothermia. The day before, another migrant had found death and a missing speaker while nearly 800 people had been rescued in the Strait.

migrants. London judges "unacceptable" the number of crossings of the

 migrants. London judges © Pascal Rossignol / Reuters Policies pass in front of a damaged canoe used by migrants while patrolling along the Slack dunes in Wimereux, France, September 16th 2021. Photo of illustration. About a thousand migrants crossed the handle Thursday on board small boats. Three are missing.

The new disappearances relate to three deaths and four missing attempts to crossing the sleeve in 2021.

in 2020, six people had found death and three missing speakers, after four dead in 2019.

Two migrants are by elsewhere died this autumn on the ground near Calais.

Previously, "there was a decrease in trivial attempts with lower temperatures," last week summarized a communication officer from the Maritime Prefecture.

"Usually, in the early winter the exile populations fall but there is not the case, there are at least 1,000 migrants in Grande-Synthe and about 1,500 in Calais, plus groups of 200 or 300 people who go and come on the coast ", notes the President of the Association The Inn Migrants, François Guennoc.

"Rates (" Small Boats ", NDLR) tend to decline with a large and very organized passenger offer, around 2,000 euros per passenger," says Guennoc, for whom "the conditions of survival very Difficult in Calais due to pressures on associations, permanent evictions, pushes people to take risks ".

A context that led three militants to start a hunger strike, to demand a moratorium on the dismantling of migrant camps in winter.

If one of them, a 72-year-old priest, started again on November 4, his two companions started on Friday their 33th day of fast, despite the intervention of a French government mediator.


Migrant crisis: Poland claims that Belarus has changed tactics .
© Valery Ax Polish Minister of Defense believes that the Belarusian border problem may last several months. AFP / Belta / Maxim Guchek New accusations at the heart of the migratory crisis in the east of Europe. According to Polish Minister of Defense, Belarus has changed tactics in the crisis with his Polish neighbor by now leading groups of smaller migrants to multiple points along the Eastern border of the European Union.

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