US News: Netherlands: clashes between police officers and protesters opposed to sanitary restrictions

Hears in Baghdad between Security Forces and Pro-Iran Group Partans

 Hears in Baghdad between Security Forces and Pro-Iran Group Partans © AFP P Dozens of people were injured Friday in Baghdad during clashes between security forces and group supporters Pro- Iran which manifested against the results of the legislative, marked by a decline in the political showcase of these factions.

Des policiers anti-émeute font face à des manifestants alors qu'ils se rassemblent à La Haye, le 12 novembre 2021, lors d'une conférence de presse du Premier ministre néerlandais tenue pour annoncer de nouvelles restrictions Covid-19. © AFP - Jeroen Jumelet Anti-riot police face demonstrators while they gather in The Hague, November 12, 2021, at A press conference of the Dutch Prime Minister held to announce new COVID-19 restrictions.

The Netherlands return to partial confinement from this Saturday. Friday, November 12, protesters opposed to these measures have thrown stones during the Prime Minister's press conference in The Hague announcing the new measures. The police scattered the crowd with a water barrel.

About 200 protesters faced this Friday night the anti-riot police and police officers in front of the Ministry of Justice and Security, in The Hague, where the press conference was held. Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte announced the reintroduction of a partial containment with a series of sanitary restrictions to cope with a record number of CVIV-19 cases, calling the series of "Great Coupons of a few weeks. The virus is everywhere, throughout the country, in all sectors and at all ages. "

Sanitary Anti-Pass Mobilization: 29,000 protesters in France

 Sanitary Anti-Pass Mobilization: 29,000 protesters in France © Sébastien Salom Gomis Sanitary Pass protesters in Nantes on September 18th. They are about 28 820 to have demonstrated Saturday, again, their anger against the Sanitary Pass . This number of participation from the Ministry of the Interior is thus slightly up compared to last week for the 17th consecutive weekend of mobilization.

The measures come into effect on Saturday night and run over at least three weeks: the bars, restaurants and essential stores such as supermarkets will close at 8 pm (19h TU) and non-essential stores at 18h.

Citizens are called not to accommodate more than four people home and do teleworking, unless it is not possible. Public events are removed and football matches will be played in camera, including the World Cup qualification match that will oppose the Netherlands and Norway next week. However, schools remain open and outings outside the authorized home.

The government is also preparing to restrict access to restoration and leisure sites after a period of three weeks to vaccinated or covid's vaccinated or cured persons, and more than those with a negative test.

COVID-19: Sanitary pass, Reminder dose ... Here are the new rules announced by Emmanuel Macron

 COVID-19: Sanitary pass, Reminder dose ... Here are the new rules announced by Emmanuel Macron © Reuters Emmanuel Macron announced several measures to accelerate the VVID-19 vaccination campaign. During his ninth speech on Tuesday , Emmanuel Macron again took stock of the French health situation, whereas the epidemic of Covid-19 starts on the rise. "The 40% increase in one week of the incidence rate is an alert signal, assured the head of state, calling non-vaccinated French to cross the course of a first injection.

Politically sensitive restrictions

thousands of people had demonstrated at the Hague last Sunday after the announcement by the government of the reintroduction of masks in some public spaces while the epidemic flame: Thursday, the Netherlands recorded a new Record of contamination In the last 24 hours, thus pulling the previous record established in December 2020. And hospitals have notified: they would not be able to spend the winter under the current conditions.

The peak of Covid occurs despite the fact that 82% of Dutch over the age of 12 have been fully vaccinated. Unvaccinated people are at the root of most cases in intensive care and hospital admissions, but the decline in vaccine efficiency, particularly in the elderly, has also been questioned. The Dutch government has announced that the vaccine reminder campaign would begin in December.

The country of 17 million inhabitants recorded 2.2 million cases and 18 612 death since the beginning of the pandemic.

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