US News: Agreement to COP26: a "compromise full of contradictions", concluded in pain, against global warming

COP26: Militants vomit oil in front of a refinery in Scotland

 COP26: Militants vomit oil in front of a refinery in Scotland Through an artistic performance, activists wanted to raise awareness of the impact of the oil change on climate change © Stuart Wallace / Shutterstock / SIPA Ocean Rebellion militants protesting in Glasgow (Scotland) During COP26, in November 2021. Climate - Through artistic performance, activists wanted to raise awareness of the impact of the oil change on climate change . Ocean Rebellion gathered this Tuesday in front of crude oil refinery, located in Grangemouth near Glasgow.

Des délégués posent pour une photo lors de la Conférence des Nations Unies sur les changements climatiques (COP26) à Glasgow, en Écosse, le 13 novembre 2021. REUTERS/Yves Herman © Yves Herman delegates pose for a photo at the United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP26) to Glasgow, Scotland, November 13, 2021. Reuters / Yves Herman "MOU", "Difficult pill to swallow", stuffed with "contradictions" ... barely concluded, the COP26 agreement already arouses a shower of criticism. The 200 countries of the Cop26 have come on Saturday night to a compromise in pain for accelerate the fight against global warming. Without ensuring, however, to contain it at 1.5 ° C or respond to requests for help from poor countries. It was nevertheless the posted objective of the British during this COP: "keep alive" the most ambitious project of the Paris Agreement, namely to limit the warming at 1.5 ° C relative to the pre- era. -Industrial. Baptized "Glasgow Pact for Climate", the text has been adopted after two weeks of expanding negotiations . Testifying to the difficulty of succeeding in this agreement, the President of the COP26 said in an emotional voice, the tears in his eyes, "deeply sorry" for last minute changes on the issue of fossil energies on demand from China and India. He had felt earlier that the agreement "inaugurated a decade of growing ambition" in terms of climate. One of the most notable advances concerns a six-year stumbling point: Article 6 of the Paris Agreement, on the functioning of carbon markets, poisoning climate negotiations for three years. Because the mechanisms authorizing each country to conduct exchange of emission reductions in order to achieve its national objective were still not operational. After failure at COP24 in 2018, then at COP25 in 2019, an agreement was finally found in Glasgow on these carbon market rules. A "signal" on the end of the coal era on the critical point of the temperature limitation, while the planet is in the United Nations on a "catastrophic" trajectory of 2,7 ° C relative to the UN pre-industrial era, the text calls on the Member States to meet their commitments of reductions more regularly than expected in the Paris Agreement, from 2022. but with the possibility of adjustments for "particular national circumstances", which A generated NGO criticisms on the actual ambitions of the text. "It's soft, it's low, and the target of 1.5 ° C is barely alive, but there is a signal on the end of the coal era. And it's important, "commented Jennifer Morgan, Patroness of Greenpeace International. The text contains a statement, unpublished at this level, fossil energies, main leaders of global warming and who are not even mentioned in the Paris Agreement. The formulation has been mitigated over versions and until the ultimate minute before the plenary adoption, with China and India to maneuver. The final version thus calls on "to intensify efforts towards the reduction of coal without capture systems (CO²) and at the exit of inefficient subsidies to fossil energies". A "bitter pill to swallow", but accepted "for the common good", regretted the representative of Liechtenstein. For the United Nations, the COP26 Agreement is a "compromise" full of "contradictions". The poor, great harmony of COP26 at midday, the discussions always stumbled on the financial envelope conceded to poor countries, the least pollute but the most exposed. This explosive file, which has time seemed to be able to derail the negotiations, did not find a resolution. Scald by the promise Always not keeping the richest to carry from 2020 their climate help to the south to $ 100 billion a year, poor countries demanded specific funding for "losses and harms" they already undergo. But developed countries, at the forefront of which the United States has firmly opposed it. And reluctantly, poor countries have yielded. They agreed to continue the dialogue to avoid losing everything, while saying "extremely disappointed". "It's an insult to millions of people whose lives are ravaged by the climate crisis," commented Teresa Anderson, the ActionAid International NGO. The muse of the World Youth Movement for Climate, Greta Thunberg, Apart from denounced on Twitter "A Greenwashing Tsunami" in order to pass this glasgow pact for "a step in the right direction". Faithful to his franc speak, she summarized the conference at "Bla-Bla-Bla".

global warming: UN projections may be too optimistic, according to a study .
despite the commitments made by the signatory countries of the Paris Agreement, the authors of a study published in the journal "Nature Climate Change "believe that the average on earth temperature could increase by 2.2 ° C to 2.9 ° C by 2100. © provided by FranceInfo a bad news for the planet.

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