US News: The Kazakh coach discharged after the spanking received against the France team

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The coach of Kazakhstan displays his sadness after the heavy defeat suffered against the French team. The Kylian quadrupled mbed leaves traces.

Talgat Baysufinov | FRANCK FIFE/GettyImages © Provided by 90min Talgat Baysufinov | Franck Fife / Gettyimages

The coach of Kazakhstan displays his sentence at the end of the humiliation suffered by his players. Personent against the Blues, Kazakhs lost to eight times at the Princes Park (8-0).

On the one hand, the smiles of the qualification of the Blues at the World Cup and the other a terrible admission of impotence. How to recover from such a benefit? The quadruple of Kylian mbed leaves traces. The Blues inflicted a real humiliation (8-0) with helpless Kazakh. And at the level of the game level displayed by its elements, Talgat Baysufinov is resigned at the press conference.

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A bitter taste

at the princes park, the coach has passed a terrible time. "We told our players not to be afraid, to show their character. Somewhere would have been to develop our game. The defeat is still painful as a coach, whatever the problems of the team, C ' Is my responsibility above all. It's very bad, it's very unpleasant, we had opportunities to play but we were not until the end, "Baysufinov analysis, black look.

A failure in line with the last outings of the Asian Nation. No victory since a trip to Lithuania on September 4, 2020. More than a year without success, it hurts morale inevitably ...

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