US News: Ice Hockey: The Bleues Will not see Beijing

ice hockey international racist offended

 ice hockey international racist offended Colin Ugbekile by the Kölner Haien is evil. Via Social Media. His club and also the DEB are behind him. © Provided by Hockey international racist offended Ice Hockey National Colin Ugbekile (22) The eight-time German Champion Cologne Haie is after the 2-1 success in the Rheinische Derby on Friday at Düsseldorf EC in social media from one Person was racist offended. "That's what a thing is wrong, and we condemn it hardest," emphasized the sharks.

Hockey sur glace – TQO (F/J3) : Les Bleues s’inclinent face à la Suède et ne verront pas Pékin © Provided by Ice Hockey - TQO (F / J3): The Bleues bow to Sweden and will not see Beijing

ice hockey French will not be invited to Beijing . Three months after the failure of the Blues of Philippe Bozon, are the blue who saw the ticket for the next Olympic tournament to escape them on the last day of the Olympic Qualification Tournament . On the ice of Luleå, the Tarlé Gregory players gave everything to take the best on Sweden but their efforts finally proved to be vain. The Swedes have waited for the 13th minute of the meeting to open the score.

on an action initiated by Felizia Wikner and Maja Nylen, Michelle Lowenhielm went to deceive Caroline Baldin . The Bleues then knew how to withstand digital inferiority during the output for two minutes of Duvin Estelle for a contact with the lacrosse. The break came from the start of the second period with Sara Hjalmarsson who forced Caroline Baldin to pick up the puck a second time in his cage on an action initiated by Olivia Carlsson. The blue, however, had the strength to react.

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 Wikipedia decides to prevent several Chinese publishers from contributing to the contents of the platform this choice was justified by modifying pages related to Hong Kong © Geeko Wikipedia closes its doors to several Chinese publishers free to know - this choice Has been justified by the modification of pages related to Hong Kong in a context of tensions between Hong Kong and mainland China, the 2019 and 2020 repressed demonstrations have turned into a war of words. On Wikipedia, the developers favorable to democracy face those favorable to the Pékin regime.

The Bleues have reacted too much to win

less than four minutes after the second Swedish realization, Clara Rozier has revived the blue on a pass of Lea Parment. too unruly, Tarlé Gregory players have once again spent two minutes in digital inferiority after an interference from Athena Locatelli. The scenario once again repeated to the start of the last third time with Lina Ljungblom who put a little more his team at the shelter . On the decisive passes of Jessica Adolfsson and Linea Johansson, the Swedish attacker deceived Caroline Baldin. In the stride, the blue have passed no less than five minutes in digital inferiority for a fault of Clara Rozier.

, however, needed to crack the blue who, just after missing the opportunity to reduce the difference in digital inferiority, saw Léa Villiot go beating Sara Grahn. At a closed angle on lara escudero passes and Clara Rozier, the tricolor brought the team from France to a length . But the end of the match saw the Swedish do better than hold and the blue make too many mistakes to hope better. With this short victory (3-2), the Sweden validates its ticket for Beijing while the blue have probably allowed a great opportunity to participate in the Olympics.

Deb women stumble to the prelude to Austria

 Deb women stumble to the prelude to Austria with a severe disappointment began for the German Ice Hockey Women's qualifying tournament for Olympia 2022 in Beijing - the debuts require Schützenhilfe. © Imago Images / Gepa Pictures The Austrian Janine Weber met twice against the DEB women. Olympic qualification in Füssen Germany defeated on Thursday evening in Füssen for the kick-off of the Olympic qualification with 0: 3 (0: 1, 0: 1, 0: 1) against Austria, the dream of the games in Beijing threatens to burst early .

Hockey TQO F © Provided by Hockey TQO F Ice Hockey - Olympic Qualification Tournament (F) / Group E

from 11 to 14 November 2021 in Luleå (Sweden)

1st day - Thursday 11 November 2021

France - South Korea: 4-0

Slovakia - Sweden : 0-3

2nd day - Saturday, November 13th 2021

France - Slovakia: 3-1

Sweden - South Korea: 15-0

3rd day - Sunday November 14, 2021

South Korea - Slovakia : 1-7

Sweden - France : 3-2


1- Sweden 9 Points

2- France 6

3- Slovakia 3

4- South Korea 0

Sweden qualifies for the Beijing Ice Hockey Women's Olympic tournament.

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