US News: Taiwan: Tensions between China and the United States, Maintenance between Joe Biden and Xi Jinping

Taiwan: XI warns biden to "Do not play with fire"

 Taiwan: XI warns biden to © Eyepress News / Eyepress via AFP China J OE Biden and Xi Jinping spoke at length on Monday to Tuesday without paying anything From their disputes, especially concerning Taiwan, Chinese president exhorting his American counterpart not to "play with fire" on this issue.

Taïwan : tensions entre la Chine et les États-Unis, entretien entre Joe Biden et Xi Jinping © Pixabay Taiwan: Tensions between China and the United States, Maintenance between Joe Biden and Xi Jinping Joe Biden and Xi Jinping Go talk to each other on Monday to attempt to mitigate the strong tensions that oppose the United States and China on Taiwan and other sensitive topics.

Diplomatic relations have stretched up in recent weeks between the two main global economic powers, particularly on the question of Taiwaïn. Thus, the leaders of the United States and China, Joe Biden and Xi Jinping talk to Monday to mitigate the growing tension between their two countries. This virtual interview, the third since the US President's investiture in January, intervenes as litigation accumulating between Washington and Beijing, who each appear firm on their positions about Taiwan, but also trade or trade. Human rights

biden and Xi are looking for the consensus

 biden and Xi are looking for the consensus mutual reminders and appeals characterize the first online sip between US President Biden and China's head of state XI. The relationship between the two large powers is burdened as for decades. © Jonathan Ernst / Reuters Monday evening in Washington, Tuesday morning in Beijing: Joe Biden and Xi Jinping can look into the eyes US President Joe Biden has warned his Chinese colleagues Xi Jinping before a confrontation between the two world's largest economies.

This is, according to a senior official of the White House, "to ensure that the competition does not lead to the conflict". "We want to raise common crazy guards to avoid any errors of judgment and any misunderstanding," said this source, which did not specify what these "safeguards" would be. Scheduled Monday at 7:45 am time from Washington (00h45 GMT Tuesday), the conversation could last "a few hours," said this American source.

But so much Washington and Beijing have striven to temper expectations. The meeting should not lead to "concrete results", warned the White House. The spokesman of the Chinese Foreign Ministry Zhao Lijian has just said on Monday that the two leaders "will have an exchange of frank, profound and complete views" on their bilateral relations, at a time when the relations between the two powers are at "a critical crossroads".

Biden savor a short thinking and sign its Great Infrastructure Act

 Biden savor a short thinking and sign its Great Infrastructure Act in the face of the threat of inflation and to a fall popularity, the US president goes through a difficult period © E. VUCCI / AP / SIPA JOE Biden signed the Infrastructure Act on November 15, 2021, in particular surrounded by Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.

Beijing wants to work with Washington to "put Sino-American relations into the right path of a healthy and stable development," he said. Joe Biden has never hidden his desire to meet in flesh the Chinese president, at the moment when he strengthens his grip on the plan, and criticized his absence during recent major international meetings.

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but it must be satisfied with a new virtual encounter with Mr. XI who has not been leaving China for nearly two years, evoking sanitary reasons. If after the arrival of Mr. Biden's power, the tone has changed in relation to the trump era's outburst, in fact, the relationship between Washington and Beijing remains extremely tense.

- Taiwan -

It is in particular the fate of Taiwan that currently concentrates the crimson, with still a sharp exchange Saturday between the US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi.

China: a sixth plenum of the CCP to reinforce Xi Jinping's right-of-way?

 China: a sixth plenum of the CCP to reinforce Xi Jinping's right-of-way? © AP - Mark Schiefelbein Poster of Chinese Xi Jinping Officer near the entrance of the Forbidden City in Beijing, Saturday, September 18, 2021. The Internal Parliament of the Chinese Communist Party is meeting from this Monday, November 8 to Beijing. This sixth plenum of the 19th CPC Congress should produce a "historical resolution" placing the current President Xi Jinping on the same plan as Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping.

The first has "expressed its concern about the continuous military, diplomatic and economic pressure of the People's Republic of China against Taiwan" .The second warned the United States against any action that can be interpreted as a support for "the Independence of Taiwan ", considered by Beijing as a rebel province in Mater, especially when China wants to expand and affirm its regional influence.

The senior head of the White House has evoked the "coercive and provocative behavior" of China towards Taiwan among the subjects of litigation, which Joe Biden intends to address "direct and frank". It is, according to this source, in particular economic practices deemed aggressive from China, and human rights violations.

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Washington emphasizes, however, that the two great powers could cooperate in some areas, such as the fight against climate change. This virtual meeting is held at the moment when Xi Jinping continues to strengthen his grip on the regime, as evidenced by the adoption Thursday by the Chinese Communist Party of a text which, under the pretext of celebrating the centenary of the party, mainly 'eulogy of the president.

This text calls "the party, the army and the whole people to unite more closely around the central committee of which Xi Jinping forms the heart". "Whoever has certainly" cemented even more "the concentration of power in the hands Chinese President, according to the senior official of the Biden administration. "In our mind, this further emphasizes the need for an exchange at the highest level."

The American congress finally slice on the gigantic plans of biden .
© Mandel Ngan the Dome of the American Congress, in Washington, October 14, 2021 Finally a success for Joe Biden? After weeks of tractations and intestinal quarrels, the House of Representatives will decide on Friday on the investment plans of the US President, 3,000 billion expenses through which he promises to transform the United States.

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