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US News: several hundred migrants displaced to a border crossing between Poland and Belarus

Poland-Belarus: The tragedy experienced by the thousands of migrants may last

 Poland-Belarus: The tragedy experienced by the thousands of migrants may last © Via Reuters - Obtained by Reuters it was 1 ° Celsius Wednesday 10 November in the morning in the border Polish region with Belarus. Thousands of migrants, by glacial time, always hope to cross the Polish border and set foot in the European Union. They arrived there because Belarus's authoritarian regime provided them visas, before pushing them to the border with Poland, who does not want to welcome them. These migrants are currently in a prohibited area between the two countries.

according to the Polish authorities, the Belarus forces transferred hundreds of migrants at the level of a border post between the two countries so that they are trying to Force the border ".

Capture vidéo réalisée à partir d'images diffusées par les gardes-frontières polonais le 15 novembre 2021. Elle montre une grande foule de migrants se rassemblant au poste frontière fermé de Kuznica-Bruzgi entre la Pologne et la Biélorussie, alors que les forces polonaises gardent la frontière. © Handout / Polish Border Guard / AFP video capture made from images disseminated by the Polish border guards on November 15, 2021. It shows a large crowd of migrants gathering at the closed border of Kuznica-Bruzgi between Poland And Belarus, while Polish forces keep the border.

A crowd of migrants gathered on Monday to a closed border crossing between Poland and Belarus , according to video images published by the army and the Polish border guards.

Migration Crisis: Poland deploys thousands of soldiers at its border with Belarus

 Migration Crisis: Poland deploys thousands of soldiers at its border with Belarus © P - Leonid Shcheglov Migrants face Polish police officers at the border between Poland and Belarus on November 8, 2021. The situation Stay extremely tense at the border between Poland and Belarus. Several thousand refugees are still massed at the border on the Belarusian side facing the military device set up by Poland.

"More and more groups of migrants are routed to Kuznica's border crossing by Belarus forces", tweeted the Defense Ministry . Videos seemed to show hundreds of migrants against rows of police and Polish soldiers.

According to the Deputy Minister of the Interior Maciej Wasik, "thousands of migrants" are at this point of way. "Polish forces are prepared for any scenario," he said.

The border guard press indicated that "illegal immigrants gather at the border post since the morning" and that "an attempt is in preparation to force the border".

thousands of migrants camp along the border, according to Poland

some of these migrants "have so far camped at the border" near the village of Brouzgi, according to the same source.

The videos could not be verified independently because Poland has banned journalists access to the immediate border area, under the rules of the emergency state established on site.

Poland claims that between 3000 and 4000 migrants, mostly from the Middle East, currently camp along the border, in this crisis that opposes Western countries on one side to Belarus and his ally Russia on the other.

Migration crisis: Poland and Belarus violate human rights at their borders, according to the human rights NGO Human Rights Watch, Polish border guards have "repulsed, sometimes violently" migrants, who Face Belarusian side with inhuman treatments and tor.
© Sergei Bobylev / TASS / SIPA USA / SIPA Poland refuses to open its border and plans to build a wall.

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