US News: Presidential election in Chile: José Antonio Kast, Ultraconservative candidate, given Favorite

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José Antonio Kast, du Parti républicain, le 12 novembre 2021. © Martin Bernetti AFP José Antonio Kast, Republican Party, November 12, 2021.

in Chile, it is the most important presidential election since Nearly 30 years. Fifteen million people are called to the polls this Sunday, November 21 to renew the Congress and choose who will succeed Sebastian Piñera at the head of the country.

of our correspondent RFI in Santiago of Chile,

It is the first general elections since the historical social movement against inequalities two years ago. Chile is also in the midst of a new Constitution, and the presidential campaign has been polarized in recent weeks. The Far Right Candidate is mounted in opinion surveys and it appears in the Chilean media as one of the two favorites of this election.

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Former parliamentarian, José Antonio Kast defends the neoliberal economic model inherited from the dictatorship. It is anti-abortion, homosexual anti-marriage and wants to dig a ditch at the northern border of Chile to avoid the arrival of Latin American migrants. For him, the regime of General Pinochet was not a dictatorship. In fact, he enjoys part of the very bad campaign that another candidate leads, Sebastian Siche. It is a former minister who is supported by the right-wing coalition. And it's not really a gift because the president and the government are very unpopular today.

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on the left, it's a young member, former student leader, who appears as a favorite for now. His name is Gabriel Boric, he is only 35 years old. It is bearded, it has some tattoos and it became known during the great movement for free education in Chile, in 2011. It represents the new Chilean left, resulting in particular social movements, with a rather feminist program. , ecologist. He promises to end the private deprived pension system, refound the health system. He is supported by the Communist Party and it's worth critics from the right but also the center-left. The Christian Democrat Yasna Provoste for example. This is the only candidate woman and promises moderation, stability, and negotiation to get the country out of the social and political crisis that he has been going through for two years.

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a few days before poll, no certainty regarding the results of the first round. Surveys are really unreliable in Chile. What we can say is that a priori none of the candidates should have a clear majority at the Congress. And the future president will have many challenges to manage: to release the country from the CVIV-19 crisis, respond to the demands of the social movement against inequalities, or ensure the transition to a new constitution. Because a constituent assembly is writing the text that should replace the fundamental charter inherited from the dictatorship of Pinochet. The new Constitution must be ready for July, then will be subject to referendum. If approved it will probably be necessary to organize a new presidential election.

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this November 15 will take place the last television presidential debate between the candidates and tomorrow Tuesday the Senate is called to say whether yes no Current President, Sebastian Piñera must be dismissed, following the Scandal of Pandora Papers.

presidential election in Chile. Who will win the second round between these two candidates that any opposite? .
© EFE / MAXPPP photos and AFP Gabriel Boric, on the left and Jose Antonio Kast on the right will compete on December 19th in the second round for the presidency of Chile. in the first round of the presidential election in Chile, Sunday, the far-right candidate José Antonio Kast will be opposed to Gabriel Boric, from moderate left. A duel at the uncertain outcome, which reveals the country's fractures. two candidates, two choices of opposite society.

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