US News: Making love in the dunes ruin Spanish beaches

Australia. A man missing after a shark attack

 Australia. A man missing after a shark attack © Valerijs Novickis / Fotolia Photo Illustration of a white shark. A swimmer is missing after a shark attack off the west coast of Australia. The beaches of the region have been closed. Rescue teams were looking for Saturday, November 6 a swimmer off the west coast of Australia , after being informed of a shark attack - a shark-tiger and a great white shark, according to witnesses cited by the local media.

The sex tourists' sex on the dunes of the Maspalomas Nature Reserve in Spain, damage the nature reserve, according to a scientific article.

les relations sexuelles pratiquées dans la réserve naturelle des dunes de Maspalomas seraient à l’origine de la destruction progressive de la plage et de ce site protégé © William White / Getty Images The sexual relations of the Maspalomas Dunes Nature Reserve would at the origin of the progressive destruction of the beach and this protected

gender and environment do not mix: sexual relations Practiced in the Nature Reserve of the Maspalomas Dunes, on the Spanish Island of Gran Canaria, would at the origin of the progressive destruction of the beach and this protected site according to an article published in the " Journal of Environmental Management ".

The US island that hardly knows someone

 The US island that hardly knows someone to the USA has an island that you probably have not yet on the radar: Saipan. The small paradise in the Pacific should be the most beautiful island of the USA. Travelbook introduces the island of eternal summer and knows what world record she holds. © Getty Images Island Saipan USA The American Virgin Islands are probably the most famous overseas area of ​​the United States. Maybe you've heard about the island group American-Samoa in the South Pacific or the island of Guam in the West Pacific.

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Researchers have identified 298 "sex spots" on the beach, on a total area of ​​more than three square kilometers, mainly among the "bushy and dense vegetation" And the Nebkhas - dunes that form around vegetation. These places are used as a "cruising zone", a social interaction practice consisting of anonymous sex, mostly between homosexuals, in open public spaces and / or closed. The fieldwork was carried out in May 2018, a period that included the Gay Pride Local Festival. "There is no intention of criticizing the actions of some members of the LGBTI community", specify the authors of the article.

dead lizards After eating condoms

Tourists trample the vegetation, remove plants and sand, make their own "nests" - even at the end - and throw waste, including cigarettes, condoms, toilet paper , wipes and cans, can we read in the article.

Giant lizards from Gran Canaria - a popular show in the Canary Islands - are "dead after eating condoms left by lovers of pleasure," says Patrick Hesp, one of the authors of the report, in an article for " The Conversation ".

These dunes, protected by the law since 1982, constitute a privileged place for birds migrating between Europe and Africa. As Hesp wrote in his separate article: "We do not call at the end of sexual intercourse, but we want people to be aware of the damage it can cause. »

sinking of migrants: the executive wants to increase the means of lifeguards at sea and tackle the networks of smugglers .
The government wishes more boats and drones but also install thermal cameras in the dunes to prevent departures from Channel boats. © Provided by Franceinfo Jean Castex convened, Thursday, November 25, in the morning and in videoconference, the ministers of the interior, justice, armies, the sea, transport, Europe and business Foreign, after the sinking of a boat of migrants who made 27 dead Wednesday in the Channel.

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