US News: biden and Xi are looking for the consensus

"Let's Go Brandon": what does the new favorite slogan of the anti-Biden?

 slogan, went viral in days, looks like a simple encouragement. This is actually an insult to the American president Joe Biden. © TAMA A protester holds up a sign lambda Scene USA. A race car driver, Brandon Brown, aged 28, who won a competition on a Nascar circuit in Alabama, questioned October 2 by a reporter from NBC. Raising his voice to the clamor amount forums, postpone launches: "And you can hear the chants of the crowd: Go Brandon!".

mutual reminders and appeals characterize the first online sip between US President Biden and China's head of state XI. The relationship between the two large powers is burdened as for decades.

Montagabend in Washington, Dienstagmorgen in Peking: Joe Biden und Xi Jinping können sich in die Augen sehen © Jonathan Ernst / Reuters Monday evening in Washington, Tuesday morning in Beijing: Joe Biden and Xi Jinping can look into the eyes

US President Joe Biden has warned his Chinese colleagues Xi Jinping before a confrontation between the two world's largest economies. It is in its both responsibility, "to ensure that competition between our countries does not taste in a conflict, whether intended or unintentionally intended," he said to Xi in a videoconference expected with tension.

Taiwan: Tensions between China and the United States, Maintenance between Joe Biden and Xi Jinping

 Taiwan: Tensions between China and the United States, Maintenance between Joe Biden and Xi Jinping © Pixabay Taiwan: Tensions between China and the United States, Maintenance between Joe Biden and Xi Jinping Joe Biden and Xi Jinping Go talk to each other on Monday to attempt to mitigate the strong tensions that oppose the United States and China on Taiwan and other sensitive topics. Diplomatic relations have stretched up in recent weeks between the two main global economic powers, particularly on the question of Taiwaïn.

biders spoke in this context for "healthy sense of common sense". Both sides would have to be honest, "where we do not agree, and work together, where our interests overlap, especially with important global issues such as climate change". It goes for both countries to take responsible leadership roles in the world.

Global Challenges

Xi called the US President, whom he called "old friend", to a closer cooperation. "China and the United States must strengthen communication and cooperation," said China's state and party feet. Both countries should respect each other and coexist peacefully. Also, they would have to meet as constant members in the World Security Council of their international responsibility.

Immer mit am Tisch: Die Volksrepublik China und die Vereinigten Staaten haben im UN-Sicherheitsrat ein Vetorecht © Manuel Elias / Xinhua / Picture Alliance Always at the table: The People's Republic of China and the United States have a veto right

Biden savor a short thinking and sign its Great Infrastructure Act

 Biden savor a short thinking and sign its Great Infrastructure Act in the face of the threat of inflation and to a fall popularity, the US president goes through a difficult period © E. VUCCI / AP / SIPA JOE Biden signed the Infrastructure Act on November 15, 2021, in particular surrounded by Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.

in the UN Security Council he wool with biders "Active steps companies to have relations between China and the US in a positive Direction to move, "Xi was quoted by the official news agency Xinhua. Good relationships are important to promote development in both countries, securing a peaceful and stable international environment and to find effective answers to global challenges such as climate change or Corona pandemic.

a lot of conflict potential

The white house had previously been communicated, the first online summit between bidene and Xi was set to several hours. Media representatives were only admitted at the beginning of the exchange. Too high expectations of the conversation were dampened by the US government. Concrete results are not expected, it was called from Washington.

The ratio of the two major powers is currently so burdened as never since receiving their diplomatic relations in 1979. Dispute there is among other things about the causes of the Corona Pandemic, Trade and Competition Rules, China's growing nuclear weapons arsenal, whose recent threats to Taiwan and the oppression The democracy movement in Hong Kong.

Before the summit, Biden has phoneted only two times with XI since his ex officio, last in September . Therefore, there was no personal encounter of the two head of state of the heads because XI has renounced any foreign travel since pandemic start.


Biden invited some 110 countries to its virtual summit for democracy .
© AFP J OE Biden invited some 110 countries and territories to its virtual summit for democracy in December, including the main Western Allies of the United States. United States , but also Taiwan in a clear message to the China , whose shadow should hover on this appointment despite its absence.

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