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US News: Certification for North Stream 2 exposed for the time being

USA: The fossil of an unknown animal of 300 million years discovered in the Utah

 USA: The fossil of an unknown animal of 300 million years discovered in the Utah according to scientists, this discovery could be the first of a pelvis rich in fossils of the same era © Newman Mark / SIPA A skeleton of Centrosaurus and one from Albertosaurus, exposed to the Royal Tyrrell Museum (Canada). Drawing.

The operators of the controversial gas pipeline North Stream 2 must continue to wait for green light from Germany for an operation.

Wann russisches Gas durch die fertiggestellte Leitung nach Deutschland fließt, ist weiter offen. © Jens Büttner / dpa central picture / dpa When Russian gas flows through the completed line to Germany is further open.

The Federal Network Agency has provisionally suspended its proceedings for the certification of Nord Stream 2 AG as an independent operator and thus to release the gas transport by the Baltic Sea pipeline from Russia to Germany. First, the operator company must be organized according to German law, the authority informed. Without certification by the network agency, the transport of the Russian gas is not permitted by the completed pipeline in the German internal market.

North Stream 2: Ukraine wins a small victory in front of Russia

 North Stream 2: Ukraine wins a small victory in front of Russia © Reuters - Maxim Shemetov The North Stream 2 logo on the Chelyabinsk pipeline in Russia. In the poker part which opposes Ukraine to Russia, around the northern gas pipeline file, Kiev has just put on the table a major card, after the German energy regulator, in Load of North Stream 2 certification, recognized the Ukrainian gas operator as a stakeholder in the gas pipeline certification process. Ukraine hopes to delay or prevent the commissioning of North Stream 2, using European law.

"The Federal Network Agency is concluded after the subsequent examination of the documents, that a certification of an operator of the Leaders Nord Stream 2 is considered only if the operator is organized in a legal form under German law," says in an averaging of the Network Agency. According to the EU gas directive, operation of the management and distribution of the gas must be sufficiently separated.

North Stream 2 AG, headquartered in Switzerland, is behind which the Russian gas company Gazprom is determined, according to the Federal Network Agency, has decided to set up a subsidiary under German law for the German part of the management. These should become the owner of the German part of the pipeline and operate this.

Capitol Attack: Jacob Chansley, the "Qanon Shaman", sentenced to 41 months of prison

 Capitol Attack: Jacob Chansley, the Jacob Chansley pleaded guilty of hindering the certification of the presidential results by the Congress © Win McNamee / Getty Images North America / Getty Images Via AFP Jacob Chansley, the "Qanon Shaman", was sentenced to 41 months in prison for his role in the Capitol attack. Verdict - Jacob Chansley had pleaded guilty of hindrance to the certification of the presidential results by the Congress for the judge, he "posed in the emblem of riots".

The certification procedure remain exposed until the transfer of key assets and personnel funds to the subsidiary was completed, it continued. The authority can then continue their exam. A deadline for the procedure is in January.

Nord Stream 2 AG referred to the founding of a North Stream 2 subsidiary: "Our company wants to ensure compliance with applicable law and guidelines with this step." "Details of the procedure, its possible duration and impact on the operation of the pipeline" the company could not speak, it continued.

Ministry: Stop is correct

The Federal Ministry of Economics called the preliminary suspension correctly and stressed, the specifications would have to be implemented. Subject to further examinations, such a corporate legislative question does not address the assessment of the Ministry of Security Security. The Ministry has come to a conclusion that certification does not endanger the safety of the gas supply of Germany and the European Union.

Superbike World Cup 2021 Indonesia: TV Transmission and Livestream

 Superbike World Cup 2021 Indonesia: TV Transmission and Livestream This weekend is the big season finale of the Superbike World Cup on the program. TOPRAK RAZGATLIOGLU (YAMAHA) has 30 World Cup points ahead of Jonathan Rea (Kawasaki). The race series enters new territory, because for the first time, the newly built Mandalika course in Indonesia is driven. © Motorsport Photo This year, the races can be tracked on TV and the Internet stream.

Even if the Federal Network Agency gives green light, a review is then provided by the European Commission. This could leave up to four months for time - even because the political pressure of pipeline opponents within the EU is great. After the opinion from Brussels, in turn, the Federal Network Agency has two months time for any certification.

Gazprom had announced the completion of the line in September. The pipeline was financed half of Gazprom and the company OMV, Wintershall Dea, Engie, Uniper and Shell. Through the 1230-kilometer pipeline of Russia to Germany, 55 billion cubic meters of gas will be delivered annually.

GREEN and FDP welcome suspension

of the Greens faction vice in the Bundestag, Oliver Krischer, said the "Rheinische Post", "the Federal Network Agency checks right and law - and that's good so». In German legislation, clip and realize that an independent network operator in this country needs a German legal form.

The FDP expert Hagen Reinhold emphasized, the Network Agency made it clear that the rule of law must be properly available under German standards. The operating company had a gallow period: "This is open to the door for the pipeline project."

Bundestag CSU holds commissioning times

The CSU in the Bundestag is basically fixed at commissioning. The pipeline is an infrastructure for energy supply, commissioning "in sight" should be enabled, said CSU country group boss Alexander Dobrindt in Berlin.

Technically, at least the first strand has been released from the responsible mountain office Stralsund for operation before the week ago. The pipeline also employs dishes. Thus, the Nature Conservation Association of Germany (NABU) and the German Environmental Help (DUH) before the Administrative Court of Hamburg and before the Upper Administrative Court Greifswald against the Federal Office for Maritime Trip and hydrography or against the Bergstell Stralsund as approval authorities.

Pochettino, the accusations of Henry .
© provided by Kylian Mbed and Mauricio Pochettino The PSG is passed again through. Breakdown in Bruges and hardly inspired at the two confrontations against Leipzig , the capital club did not make the weight facing Manchester City , Wednesday.

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