US News: Lead 1-Uganda-A triple suicide bombing makes three deaths, dozens wounded

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Uganda-Securite / (Lead 1, Photo, TV): Lead 1-Uganda-a triple suicide bombing makes three deaths, dozens wounded

(updated with an attack claimed by the EIS)

by Elias Biryabarema

Kampala, 16 November (Reuters) - At least three people died on Tuesday in a triple suicide bombing in Kampala, the capital of Uganda, who also did At least 33 wounded, five of whom are in critical condition, according to the authorities.

This assessment does not take into account the three kamikazes who also perished in these attacks, said Fred Enanga, police spokesman. Police are among the deceased, he said.

The attacks were claimed by the Islamic State (EI) group via the Telegram account of its press organ.

RD Congo: The army announces to recover all its positions in the East

 RD Congo: The army announces to recover all its positions in the East © Isaac Kasamani of the Congolese return in R & D Congo after fled to Uganda because of the fighting, at the border border station on November 9, 2021 l Congolese army said Tuesday having recovered all his positions which, according to her, were attacked on the night from Sunday to Monday by former rebels of the March 23 movement (M23) in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The first attack, committed by a man wearing a backpack, occurred near the central police station of the city and made two dead.

Another person has died in the following attacks carried out by two Kamikazes in motorcycle, one of whom has stated the Ugandan police spokesman.

Explosions fire several vehicles and projected glass debris.

According to Fred Enanga, the anti-terrorist police arrested a fourth suspect that was preparing to commit another attack and thoroughly launched other members of the group.

Uganda has already experienced bloody attacks on its soil, including attacks by the Somali jihadist group Al Chabaab, one of which has been 70 dead in 2010.

ADFs are a separate group, founded by Ugandan Muslims. And today active in forest areas of the east of the democratic Republic of the neighboring Congo, where he is judged responsible for the death of thousands of civilians.

Explosion in a mosque in Afghanistan: At least three deaths and fifteen wounded

 Explosion in a mosque in Afghanistan: At least three deaths and fifteen wounded © Afghans help to a man injured in the explosion. At least three people lost their lives and more than a dozen were injured this Friday, November 12, in an explosion in a mosque in Afghanistan. The attack, which has not been claimed, took place at the time of prayer.

Last month, the Islamic state claimed a first attack in Ugandan territory, the attack on a police station in Kawempe in Kampala, who killed.

The Jihadist group also stated that a bomb attack at a capital restaurant had been committed by one of its "security detachments" in the "Central African Province".

The attack, which cost the life to a waitress and made three wounded, was awarded by the police to the ADFs, who lent allegiance to the Islamic state.

According to Dino Mahtani, Expert at the International Crisis Group, the recent ADF affiliation to the Islamic State would have attracted a number of foreign nationals to jihadist visions in the camps of the Ugandan Islamist group. (With the contribution of Katharine Hould; French version Jean-Stéphane Brush, published by Jean-Michel Bélot)

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