US News: Congress of Mayors of France: Why the stake is double for Emmanuel Macron

Macron regrets the "misunderstandings" aroused by his comments on Algeria, according to a source at the Elysee

 Macron regrets the France-Algeria: Macron regrets the "misunderstandings" aroused by his remarks on Algeria, according to a source at the Elysée © Reuters / Sarah Meyssonnier Macron regrets the "misunderstandings" aroused by his remarks on Algeria, according to a source at the Elysee by John Irish Paris (Reuters) - Emmanuel Macron regrets the "polemics and misunderstandings" aroused By his recent remarks on Algeria, said Tuesday a source at the Elysee, while France tries to return to good rails the "memorial work

À l'occasion du 103e congrès des maires, Emmanuel Macron reçoit ce mercredi près de 1.000 élus au palais de l'Elysée. Mais à l'approche de l'élection présidentielle, l'enjeu est double pour le président : cajoler les maires de France, essentiels dans la crise sanitaire, et commencer sa campagne électorale. © Geoffroy van der Hasselt / AFP on the occasion of the 103rd Congress of Mayors, Emmanuel Macron receives this Wednesday nearly 1,000 elected at the Palace of the Elysium. But at the approach of the presidential election, the stakes are twofold for the President: Cajole the mayors of France, essential in the health crisis, and start his election campaign.

a few months from the presidential election , emmanuel macron is running mayors. The Congress of the Association of Mayors of France (AMF) currently taking place and until Thursday Porte de Versailles in Paris, will designate the new President of the AMF in the afternoon. Two lists compete: David Lisnard, Mayor The Republicans (LR) of Cannes or Philippe Laurent Mayor Union of Democrats and Independent (UDI) of Seals (Hauts-de-Seine), The name of the one who succeeds the Mayor LR of Troyes François BAROIN will be known today.

COVID-19: Sanitary pass, Reminder dose ... Here are the new rules announced by Emmanuel Macron

 COVID-19: Sanitary pass, Reminder dose ... Here are the new rules announced by Emmanuel Macron © Reuters Emmanuel Macron announced several measures to accelerate the VVID-19 vaccination campaign. During his ninth speech on Tuesday , Emmanuel Macron again took stock of the French health situation, whereas the epidemic of Covid-19 starts on the rise. "The 40% increase in one week of the incidence rate is an alert signal, assured the head of state, calling non-vaccinated French to cross the course of a first injection.

Put the small dishes in the big

they are thousands to be expected on the red carpet on Wednesday. Nearly 1,000 mayors will be received at the Palais de l'Elysée: dinner buffet in the village hall but also, given the number of guests, under a large tent installed on the presidential lawn. Elected from all over France, all political sensitivities and mayors who have suffered violence. "This is the occasion of an informal meeting," the entourage of the President of the Republic.

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there will be no speech, only a hospitality. Emmanuel Macron should chain the selfies while trying to attentively listen to his guests of an evening. Of the guests of which he became aware of the importance of their role during the crisis of the yellow vests and during the successive waves of the coronavirus epidemic. At five months of the presidential election, it is out of the question for Emmanuel Macron to impleat on these field actors who can relay his action.

"Would we be there without Hubert Germain?": The macron tribute to the companions of the release

 Your Browser does not support this video on the occasion of the commemoration ceremony of the armistice of November 11, 1918, Emmanuel Macron rendered a last tribute to Hubert Germain, the figure of the resistance. The coffin of Hubert Germain left the invalids under a fall sun to reach the Arc de Triomphe.

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if one of the most famous mayors of France, the Édile du Havre, Edouard Philippe will not be of the party, It is for a good reason: the former prime minister is expected at the same time at the Hotel de Lassay, the current residence of the President of the National Assembly, for a working dinner on the common house supposed to bring together all the components of the majority. Permanently, macrony tries to activate on all fronts in 2022.

Emmanuel Macron with its Italian partners before a visit to Pope .
© Quirinale Press Office / AFP The French President Emmanuel Macron with the President of the Italian Republic Sergio Mattella and the Chief of the Government of Mario Draghi (at the center), during A dinner in Rome on November 25, 2021. Emmanuel Macron held to meet Pope Francis, during his ongoing trip to Rome. This will be the second audience of the French President at the Holy See after 2018. An interview at the Vatican with the Holy Father, in a presidential campaign, is not innocuous.

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