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US News: "Yellow Vests": Three years later, could mobilization resume?

marseille: the family of Souheil, young man killed in August by the police, launches three days of mobilization to ask for an inquiry

 marseille: the family of Souheil, young man killed in August by the police, launches three days of mobilization to ask for an inquiry she will end on Sunday by a rally under the rest of the Old Port, with the young man's family Killed on August 4th During a Road Control © Screenshot The relatives of Souheil El Khalfaoui, dead on August 4, 2021, mobilize this weekend mobilization - it will end Sunday by a gathering under the Ombrère du Vieux-Port, with the young man's family killed on August 4th during a road check "As soon as the death of my son, the institutional machine set up to prevent me from knowing the truth" .

Des «gilets jaunes» célèbrent le troisième anniversaire du mouvement, le 13 novembre à Montpellier. © Sylvain Thomas / AFP "Yellow Vests" celebrate the third anniversary of the movement, November 13 in Montpellier.

What remains "yellow vests" ? Three years ago day for day, started a historic mobilization that would block the circles and invade centers for several months. Today, they are only a handful of irreducible to meet each Saturday during sporadic events. The movement of "yellow vests", however, marked the French. According to a poll Ipsos-Sopra Steria for France Inter published Wednesday , 40% of respondents claiming to have felt close to the movement - and eight in ten consider that the wave of "yellow vests" could again emerge in France.

Trial of a young American who killed two anti-racist protesters: Place to the Jury

 Trial of a young American who killed two anti-racist protesters: Place to the Jury © Pool The American Kyle Rittenhouse at his trial in Kenosha on November 15, 2021 in a tense climate, the Prosecution and the Defense Curly on Monday their presentations at the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse, a young white young person who killed two people on the sidelines of anti-cell events in 2020. The jury, in charge of saying if the young man went guilty of murder or if he Agi in a state of self-defense, will begin the deliberations on Tuesday morning.

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Price of Gasoline, Purchasing Power, Access to Energy ... Strength is however find that their demands have not borne fruit. "The mobilization patterns are always present. Purchasing power continued to decline, living conditions have not improved, the reports with the elected officials are always the same ", lists Christian Le Bart, researcher at the CNRS and author in 2020 of small sociology of vests Yellow . Between weariness and anger, this observation is double-edged. "On the one hand, the patterns of dissatisfaction have not been settled and a spontaneous movement could reform. On the other, there is some fatigue of the actors after an experience that has been intense, but sterile, " continues the researcher.

Blood Town in Sudan: No political solution for

 Blood Town in Sudan: No political solution for fifteen anti-putsch protesters were killed in Khartoum during the most murderer day since the coup of October 25th. © Supplied by FranceInfo Sudanese security forces shot this Thursday morning 18 November, new tearful grenades on anti-putsch protesters in Khartoum, the day after the softening day since the coup d'etat of 25 October with 15 dead.

"sociability" networks

No concrete result, certainly. But a mobilization of this magnitude can not remain without consequences: some links woven on the circles, are they dedicated to persist, to believe Emmanuelle Reungoat, Lecturer in Political Science at the University of Montpellier and author of a investigation into "yellow vests". " A whole network of sociability and interconnence has been created, with an exit of isolation for some people. Solidarity has been seen, for example, between single mothers. People who met on the roundabouts even speak of "family" , affirms the political scientist. These networks could be reactivated, see removal. "

Especially since there has been, in a large part of the population, an awareness of a medium, peri-urban France, in which many recognize themselves. Believe the Isola-Sopra survey for France Inter, 12% of the French would have taken part at least once at a manifestation of the yellow vests. "The main acquis of the movement has been to give visibility to a certain France, a peri-urban France, which faces problems of concern for all , is continuing Christian the Bart. It remains the image of anger to which public opinion gives some legitimacy, and a great empathy ".

United States: a death sentenced in extremis after a strong mobilization

 United States: a death sentenced in extremis after a strong mobilization The Governor of Oklahoma commuted the sentence of Julius Jones, sentenced for a murder of which he is innocent, in detention in perpetuity © / AP / SIPA After a strong mobilization, the death sentence of the American Julius Jones was commuted to life sentence by the governor of Oklahoma on 18 November 2021.

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towards other protesting movements

after this awareness, many" yellow vests "have tasted for the first time to politics. " There was a first politicization experience, with meetings, lyricists, tractages, in people who were generally low-politicized ", Analysis Emmanuelle Reungoat. It remains to know what will happen from this first protest experience. Could it translate electorally, as the presidential approach? "There will probably no single electoral force. The "yellow vests" were a very heterogeneous movement, which gathered very divergent political opinions. They evacuated the questions that crystallize their difference, like the migratory issue, for example, to focus on their dissatisfaction , "observes the political scientist.

It is also why, in three years, the movement has little or no institutionalized. "They were too defiant towards the policy, and towards any form of leadership to organize in part or in the union. The movement is condemned, by its structure, to exist by spontaneous generation. Which makes it fragile ... and unpredictable ", Avance Christian Le Bart. On the other hand, the "yellow vests" that have tasted politics could well, in the future, to remobilize. "This first experience is an entry to other protest political practices, such as anti-passenger movements, for example ," concludes Emmanuelle Reungoat.

Olivier Véran will present Thursday at midday the new measures against COVID .
© Copyright 2021, Obs "We must at all costs protect the end-of-year celebrations [...] and not have to come back to measurements of gauges, even fewer closures, curfews or containment, "said Gabriel Attal, on Wednesday, 24 November at the end of an Health Defense Council , who was held a few minutes more Early, while the 5th wave hit France. Tuesday evening, more than 30,000 new cases of COVID-19 have been identified in the country, a first since August.

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