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US News: With a young team, the foxes also convince the foxes in Poland: The youth will help from

Poland Police takes more than 50 migrants near the border with Belarus Fest

 Poland Police takes more than 50 migrants near the border with Belarus Fest Sokolka. The police in Poland arrested more than 50 migrants near the border with Belarus. People would have broken the border in two groups and they were illegal to Poland. © Leonid Shcheglov Polish policemen and boundary contactors are on the barbed wire. That explained to the local police spokesman Tomasz Krupa on Wednesday. The arrests have been made in the past 24 hours near the village of Bialowieza. Several refugees would have removed the arrest, after you are looking for.

the bad sign, despite, benefit the foxes of their good youth work. In the European League, the Berliners lead their group.

Das lief gut in Plock. Die Füchse führen ihre Gruppe ungeschlagen an. Foto: Imago © Photo: Imago Images / Newspix That ran well in pocket. The foxes lead their group unbeaten. Photo: Imago

Füchse-Profi Jacob Holm first set up the headband. At Wisla Plock, the Füchse player had always thrown into the free or not so free rooms, and again he had to plug it hard for it. But in the end, the body's use had paid off and the Berliner went on Tuesday evening with a 28: 24 success in the European League of the parquet. "That was a really nice victory where everyone has fought well and brought their performance," the back room player was happy after the final whistle over the two points.

abortion in Poland: the European Parliament condemns its almost-prohibition "illegitimate"

 abortion in Poland: the European Parliament condemns its almost-prohibition © European Parliament seen from the interior of the hemicycle of the European Parliament in Strasbourg in 2019 one year after the decision of the Polish Constitutional Court, the MEPs call in a resolution adopted Thursday, November 11, 2021 The Government in Poland to return to the prohibition of abortion. The European Parliament took a position on Thursday to denounce the quasi-prohibition of abortion in Poland .

The signs were not particularly promising. Only one day before the game, the foxes received the bad news that the suspicion of left-handed Nils Lichtlein has confirmed a worse injury in the right foot. With the crack of all three outer bands as well as the inner band in the upper ankle joint, the 19-year-old left-hander is expected to be off until after the winter break. In addition to the already injured Fabian Wiede, Paul Drux and Viran Morros because of muscular problems, Marko Kopljar ​​could not travel to Poland, so the Berliner had not only had to compete without eitattery half-rights, but also lacked another important personnel in the defense center.

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Migration crisis: a Syrian airline suspends its flights to Belarus

 Migration crisis: a Syrian airline suspends its flights to Belarus © Safin Hamed / AFP A plane from the Syrian company Cham Wings, in 2017. Syrian private company Cham Wings Airlines announced on Saturday suspend its flights Based on Minsk while thousands of migrants, most of the Middle East are currently blocked at the border between Belarus and Poland.

Now the foxes would not be the foxes if they could not beat and would not beat their good youth work. Short-handed Max Beneke and Robin Heinis were integrated into the team, the average age of the Füchse team was reduced to only 25 years on Tuesday evening. However, despite the part of very inexperienced squads, the manns of coach Jaron Serwert seemed sovereign and made advertising for the Berlin handball project with convincing individual actions and a lot of fighting spirit.

"The guys from the A-youth have delivered a really good job and helped us a lot. That's amazing after only a joint training session, "Pilm praised, who himself had the largest share of his team's victory. He searched the gaps, he delighted with his game overview, he brought the ball at the opposing gate eight times. And he was it too, who delayed the game in favor of the foxes crushing. That was not always nice to look at and does not comply with the Tempohandball, the Holm and Co. normally strive, but it was effectively against the physically strong Poles.

International so far unbeaten, the Berliners take the top in Group A and meet next Tuesday as a league leader on Tatran Presov (20.45 clock). Previously, however, on Sunday, another away game in Stuttgart (2 pm) is waiting for the foxes. After the two lost top matches last week against Flensburg and Magdeburg hope Jacob Holm and his team then to score points again in the Bundesliga.

For the foxes, it is currently not running: Unfeating was once .
the success series of the foxes is over. Instead of recovery it is on Tuesday to Presov. © Photo: Imago Intensive dot division in Stuttgart. Instead of a break it goes for Lasse Anderson and his team internationally. Instead of running in the morning after the game as usual, it went for the foxes in the plane. Only after Vienna, then to Kosice and finally by bus to Presov, where today the next encounter in the European League is in the European League (20.45 / Dazn).

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