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COVID-19. Ten European Union countries in a "very worrying" situation

 COVID-19. Ten European Union countries in a © Franck Dubray / West-France The Infectious Disease Department of Nantes University Hospital. Covid-19 patients are allowed in this service on February 26, 2021. Stock Photo. "Cases, hospitalizations and the number of deaths should all increase over the next two weeks," says the European Agency based in Stockholm. Belgium, Poland, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary and Slovenia are in the highest concern category.

federal government and countries have agreed on several points to combat the Corona crisis in the preliminary prospective conference for the fight against the Corona crisis - on the conditions for a comprehensive introduction of the 2G Rule is still argued.

Videokonferenz von Angela Merkel mit den Ministerpräsidenten im Januar 2021 © dpa Video conference from Angela Merkel with the Prime Minister in January 2021

vaccination offers are expanded: According to a new draft for the proposal for the proposal that the editorial network of Germany (RND) on Thursday, the vaccination offers with mobile vaccoles, vaccines, hospitals and extended with low-threshold offers. Even children between five and eleven years should - as soon as a corresponding recommendation of the permanent vaccine commission is present and the required vaccine is available - quickly offered a vaccine.

Agreement to COP26: a "compromise full of contradictions", concluded in pain, against global warming

 Agreement to COP26: a © Yves Herman delegates pose for a photo at the United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP26) to Glasgow, Scotland, November 13, 2021. Reuters / Yves Herman "MOU", "Difficult pill to swallow", stuffed with "contradictions" ... barely concluded, the COP26 agreement already arouses a shower of criticism. The 200 countries of the Cop26 have come on Saturday night to a compromise in pain for accelerate the fight against global warming. Without ensuring, however, to contain it at 1.5 ° C or re

The Confederation agrees to continue to support the vaccinations financially by 30 April 2022. According to reports, the Federal Government wants to provide more than 20 million vaccination doses for refresh vaccinations by the end of the year. Crucial for overcoming the pandemic, however, remained initial and paybouts for hitherto unclear.

These are the planned Corona measures

Video: That's why the Intensive Medicine boss does not want to vaccine (Sat.1)


Tests in Alten and Nursing Homes : Wohrichtichlich should be in institutions - such as alten and nursing homes and dorms Of people with disabilities - all employees and visitors to have a negative test certificate daily, which is not older than 24 hours. Even vaccinated must regularly submit a negative test result - but these can be self-tests.

Pfizer authorizes a generic of its anti-Covid-19 drug in 95 countries

 Pfizer authorizes a generic of its anti-Covid-19 drug in 95 countries health-coronavirus-treatment-pffizer: Pfizer authorizes a generic of its anti-Covid-19 drug in 95 countries © Reuters / Dado RUVIC Pfizer authorizes A generic of its anti-covid-19 medicine in 95 countries by Michael Erman and Emma Farge (Reuters) - Pfizer Inc will allow generic drug manufacturers to provide its experimental antiviral pill against CVIV-19 to 95 income countries Low or intermediate, as part of a licensing agreement with the International Public Health Organization Medicines Paten

3G rule at the workplace : Only geneses, vaccinated or tested persons should be allowed to work. Compliance with this 3G regulation should be controlled and documented by the employer daily. All employers must also have appropriate information rights to workers and workers. The employers should offer a free test option at least twice a week. Home Office should be feasible where possible. Whether a threshold of infectious events should apply for this was initially open.

3G rule also in bus and trains X1: if passengers are not vaccinated or recovered, they must provide proof of a negative corona quick test, which is no longer than 24 hours. Since it is foreseeable in a limited use of public transport and thus with cost universities, an extension of the rescue umbrella agreed between the federal government and the countries will be negotiated beyond 2021 beyond 2021. X1X1 Stressig is the nationwide introduction of the X1 2G rule X1: This means that in the paper: "For unawelled persons, the corona disease is much difficult. They have a significantly higher risk of infection for others. Therefore, special measures are necessary and justified. "X1X1 could not agree until Thursday morning under which conditions the countries" the access to recreational events and facilities, cultural events and facilities, sporting events and exercises, gastronomic facilities and other events - Limit indoors - as well as in principle to bodiled services and accommodation on vaccinated and geneses ". Equally unclear is the extent to which there will be a 2G-plus rule (tests also for vaccinated and geneses). X1

After the Pegasus scandal, Israel back on spyware and reduces the list of authorized countries .
© provided by Clubic project Pegasus Israel announced to reduce the list of countries that will benefit from the surveillance software of its companies, this which should push NSO a little more in the crisis. More than 4 months after the exposure of the Scandal Pegasus , Israel made an important decision, which could put in parentheses the future of the NSO company, now sulphurous publisher of the spyware.

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