US News: Ukrainian crisis: Facing Russia, Kiev wants to equip themselves with Western arms

Migratory crisis: Ukraine sends 8500 soldiers to its border with Belarus

 Migratory crisis: Ukraine sends 8500 soldiers to its border with Belarus © AP - Andy Buchanan The Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky at COP26 in Glasgow on November 1, 2021. The situation is a little more at the Belarious border, after the emergency meeting, Thursday, the United Nations Security Council, at the end of which Europeans and Americans, found that the goal of Belarus was to destabilize from the European Union.

Crise ukrainienne : face à la Russie, Kiev veut s'équiper d'armes occidentales © Jorono / 1035 Images Ukrainian crisis: Facing Russia, Kiev wants to equip themselves with Western arms Ukraine wants to acquire "defensive" weapons with Westerners in the "aggressiveness" of Russia at his borders, said Thursday the head of the Ukrainian diplomacy Dmyro Kouleba.

"The aggressiveness of Russia has increased considerably in recent weeks," said Ukrainian diplomacy Dmyro Kouleba at a press briefing. In this context, Kiev negotiates with the West of the "conclusion of agreements on additional deliveries of defensive weapons for our country," he added without giving more details. Ukrainians and their American and European allies are "developing a complex of measures to retain Russia," continued the minister.

Energy Crisis in Lebanon: Solar panels have a successful Success

 Energy Crisis in Lebanon: Solar panels have a successful Success sales of photovoltaic panels come to Lebanon while several electric power plants in the country are slowing down fuel. © Supplied by FranceInfo With S ES NEW SOLAR PANELS, M Y RNA now has 24 hours of electricity per day instead of six with a generator that engulfed sso a good part of his salary. In his house perched on the heights of Mont Lebanon, this Beirut found a smile. at the Lebanon , solar panel sales are growing as the energy crisis hard.

These are "political and diplomatic pressures, painful economic shots in the event of the enlargement of Russian aggression" as well as "strengthening the defense capacity of the Ukrainian armed forces". The negotiations of the Ukrainian diplomacy in Washington and Brussels last week gave "the necessary results", still assured the minister.

The United States, NATO, the European Union and many other Western capitals have expressed in recent weeks their strong concern because of Russian troop movements around Ukraine. Last example, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned Moscow Wednesday against the "tragic error" that would constitute all "military adventurism" at the borders of Ukraine and Poland and whose cost "would be huge".

Belarus, Ukraine: a new iron curtain is east

 Belarus, Ukraine: a new iron curtain is east © Oksana Manchuk, EPA / Maxppp hundreds of refugees blocked at the Polish border with Belarus on Monday, November 15, at the border post between Bruzgi- Kuznica bialostocka. Poland announces to build a wall at its frontier with Belarus, while several thousand migrants are still caught in the two countries. NATO worries about its side movements of Russian troops near the Ukrainian border. A few hundred migrants massed at a checkpoint.

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The situation in the region has been very tense since the Annexation in 2014 by Russia of the Ukrainian Crimean Peninsula. For more than seven years, East of Ukraine has been in war with preressical separatists including Moscow is widely regarded as the military godfather. Fearing an escalation on the ground, Westerners hesitated for a long time for sale in Kiev. The Ukrainians finally managed to obtain some defensive systems, including Javelin American anti-tank missile devices.

Poland faces an influx of thousands of migrants at its border with Belarus. Warsaw accuses Russia, without having advanced evidence, to be the sponsor of the migratory crisis, on the background of Western Russian tensions. Moscow rejects these charges.

NATO warns Russia against attack on Ukraine .
Brussels. NATO is worried at the Ukrainian border in view of the persistent Russian troop march and urged the government in Moscow to deflect. © Olivier Matthys NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg on Friday evening in Brussels. NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg warns Russia: "Every use of violence against Ukraine will have consequences, will lead to costs for Russia," said the Norwegian in Brussels.

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