US News: elections in Chile: the far right wants to regain ground after social mobilizations

Nicaragua: Ortega wins a fourth term

 Nicaragua: Ortega wins a fourth term Nicaragua-Election: Nicaragua: Ortega wins a fourth term © Reuters / Stringer Nicaragua: Ortega wins a fourth term San Jose (Reuters) - The President of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, Won the presidential election, his fourth term, show the results. The Nicaragua Supreme Electoral Council announced Monday that after the counting of almost all votes, Daniel Ortega had won around 76% of the vote.

Jose Antonio Kast, candidat de l'extrême droite chilienne à l'élection présidentielle du 21 novembre 2021, durant un meeting de campagne à Valdivia, le 17 novembre 2021. © AP - Jose Luis Saavedra Jose Antonio Kast, candidate of the Chilean far right in the presidential election of November 21, 2021, during a meeting Campaign in Valdivia, November 17, 2021.

The election campaign ends this Thursday, November 18 before the triple presidential, legislative and regional vote of Sunday. Very expected elections after the new social mobilizations of 2019 and the pandemic. Among the favorites of the surveys, Gabriel Boric, ex-student leader, at the head of a left-hand coalition, and the ultra-conservative José Antonio Kast, who could steal the star to the traditional right.

with our correspondent in Santiago, Raphaël Morán

Brazil defeats Colombia and prematurely triggers Ticket for World Cup

 Brazil defeats Colombia and prematurely triggers Ticket for World Cup Brazil, as the first team in South America, has made the qualification for the World Cup in Qatar 2022. © Andre Penner / ap / dpa The Brazilian international Lucas Paqueta (M) celebrates with his teammates Vini Jr. (L) and Neymar after the leadership of his team against Colombia. The Seleção around Superstar Neymar (Paris Saint-Germain) won in São Paulo against Colombia with returnee James Rodríguez with 1: 0 (0: 0).

They succeed one another on a small platform installed in a green space of a municipality of southern Santiago. The local candidates and sympathizers of the Chilean radical right have a message: they hope to resume a political ground dominated by the demands of social justice.

"We will put order in this country, promises Maximiliano Murat, a 36-year-old lawyer who starts politics to become a member of Parliament. Because today, after social events, small businesses that have been ransacked, destroyed, burned are now in a very delicate situation. »

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" These ideologies that we want to impose ourselves "

in the shade of a tree, a woman sketches a few steps of dance. She is dressed in a t-shirt that wears an anti-communist message: "Rather die than being a red".

Presidential election in Chile: José Antonio Kast, Ultraconservative candidate, given Favorite

 Presidential election in Chile: José Antonio Kast, Ultraconservative candidate, given Favorite © Martin Bernetti AFP José Antonio Kast, Republican Party, November 12, 2021. in Chile, it is the most important presidential election since Nearly 30 years. Fifteen million people are called to the polls this Sunday, November 21 to renew the Congress and choose who will succeed Sebastian Piñera at the head of the country. of our correspondent RFI in Santiago of Chile, It is the first general elections since the historical social movement against inequalities two years ago.

At his side, Juana, a retiree swits the white, blue and red flags of the far-right side of José Antonio Kast, which arises in heir of the dictator Augusto Pinochet. "Me, what I'm afraid of, entrusts Juana, it is the indoctrination with these ideologies that we want to impose ourselves: feminism, the" gay lobby ", abortion and euthanasia.

According to the latest polls, José Antonio Kast could qualify for the second round of the Chilean presidential by recovering many voters from the voters of the government right, weakened by the figure of the outgoing President Sebastián Piñera.

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General elections in Honduras After a campaign Mined by Violence .
© Orlando Sierra AFP The Honduras is in the grip of widespread violence: it records one of the highest levels of homicides in the world, excluding militarized conflict. This Sunday, November 28, Honduans are called to the polls for general elections: they must elect their mayors, their members and their president. Juan Orlando Hernandez does not represent each other.

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