US News: Football: Quincy Promes, Dutch International, pursued for attempted murder

manifestations in Kenosha: "I defended myself" ... judged for murder, the ex-high school student Kyle Rittenhouse bursts out at the 18-year-old

 manifestations in Kenosha: bar, the ex-high school student came armed with a semi-rifle. Automatic in Kenosha for, he says, "Protect" local shops © Mark Hertzberg / AP / SIPA The ex-high school student Kyle Rittenhouse, judged for killing two protesters in Kenosha, in Wisconsin, broke out in Sobs at the bar, November 10, 2021, ensuring "defended".

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more than a year after the facts, Quincy Promes is caught up by the Dutch justice . "Amsterdam's public prosecutor has decided to pursue a 29-year-old man from Amsterdam (...) for attempted murder and serious assault," announced the Prosecutor's Office of Amsterdam in a statement, without giving name. The date of the hearing has not yet been defined. According to the prosecution, "the victim, a cousin of the suspect, was seriously injured on the knee" during a fight between the two men at the end of July 2020 during a family reunion in the city of Abcoude, neighbor. Amsterdam.

Netherlands: clashes between police officers and protesters opposed to sanitary restrictions

 Netherlands: clashes between police officers and protesters opposed to sanitary restrictions © AFP - Jeroen Jumelet Anti-riot police face demonstrators while they gather in The Hague, November 12, 2021, at A press conference of the Dutch Prime Minister held to announce new COVID-19 restrictions. The Netherlands return to partial confinement from this Saturday. Friday, November 12, protesters opposed to these measures have thrown stones during the Prime Minister's press conference in The Hague announcing the new measures. The police scattered the crowd with a water barrel.

For the Dutch media, there is little doubt that the suspect is quincy promes, 29, who had been arrested in December 2020 for aggression at the white weapon.

Het om in Amsterdam Heeft Besloten Quincy Proments Te Vervolgen Voor Poging Doodslag in Voor Zware Mishandeling.

- of telegraaf (@telegraaf) November 18, 2021

In its statement, the parquet indicates that the suspect had been released two days after his arrest, after being interrogated on order of the Prosecutor.

At the time of his arrest, the player's advocate had refuted these accusations. "Proments formally denies the Prosecution. He was not on the scene at the time of the knife, "said Mr. Manon Aalmoes at the Dutch ANP agency, before specifying that the" cooperate (AIT) player totally in the investigation ".

United States: a death sentenced in extremis after a strong mobilization

 United States: a death sentenced in extremis after a strong mobilization The Governor of Oklahoma commuted the sentence of Julius Jones, sentenced for a murder of which he is innocent, in detention in perpetuity © / AP / SIPA After a strong mobilization, the death sentence of the American Julius Jones was commuted to life sentence by the governor of Oklahoma on 18 November 2021.

The Dutch International, born in Amsterdam, played Ajax at the time of the facts. He returned to the beginning of the year at Spartak Moscow, where he had already played four seasons, from 2014 to 2018. It was part of the Dutch selection at the euro last June but no longer worn the jersey. From selection since. Proments is liable to a sentence of two years to three and a half years in prison.

The public prosecutor has not yet officially confirmed and the date of the trial is not known. In a statement quoted by the Dutch newspaper of Telegraaf, Spartak Moscow ensures that his attacker is "fully focused on future matches", among whom a meeting of Europa League against Naples Wednesday. "His lawyers take care of the case," says the club, which specifies that they have received no official request from the competent authorities.

The Netherlands fear new riots after hardening of restrictions .
© Bart Maat The Minister of Health Hugo de Jonge speaks to the press, on the sidelines of a government meeting on the management of the pandemic, November 26 2021 The Dutch government must announce Friday night a strengthening of sanitary restrictions to combat a soaring of CVIV-19 cases in the Netherlands, where the police "prepares" new riots and protests.

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