US News: ASCOVAL. The new owner renounces transferring part of the activity to Germany

Spahn dispenses with candidacy for CDU chair

 Spahn dispenses with candidacy for CDU chair Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn (CDU) renounces a renewed candidacy for the CDU chair. Spahn justified his waiver on Wednesday at the session of the CDU / CSU parliamentary group with its obligations as a specialty minister in the fight against the Corona pandemic, which did not connect with an intra-party election campaign to the CDU leadership, as the news agency AFP of participants learned .

L'activité de l'usine Ascoval ne sera pas délocalisée en Allemagne dans l'immédiat. © Pascal Rossignol / Reuters The activity of the ASCOVAL plant will not be relocated in Germany in the immediate future.

The fears of the employees of the St. Saulve ASCOVAL plant on a possible transfer of activity in Germany were swept after a meeting at the Ministry of the Economy. The new owner, Saarstahl, decided to give up his project.

The German owner of the iconic ASCOVAL factory of Sainte-Saulve (North) has given up a part of its activity into Germany , announced Thursday evening Bercy after mobilizing to avoid a setback at five months of the presidential election.

Following a meeting Thursday evening at the Ministry of the Economy with SAARSTAHL , following several other meetings, "Saarstahl said its agreement to give up its project to transfer ASCOVAL activity to its German site, "said AFP the cabinet of the Minister's delegate, Agnès Pannier-Runacher.

Syrians, Iraqis and Yemenites are now forbidden to Belarus from Turkey

 Syrians, Iraqis and Yemenites are now forbidden to Belarus from Turkey The Alexander Loukachenko regime is accused of sending migrants to its border with Poland, delivering tourist visas to thousands of candidates. emigration to the EU. © Provided by FranceInfo Nationals of Iraq, Syria and Yemen now have the prohibition "buy tickets and to embark for Belarus from the airports of Turkey," announced the General Management of the Turkish aviation, Friday, November 12th.

This announcement seems to close a two-day sequence in which the opposition is engulfed.

Wednesday, the representatives of the CGT and CFDTs of the site bought four months ago by Saarstahl, German steel group, had stated that the steel mill could see 40% of its production temporarily transferred to Germany.

At issue: The rise in electricity prices that feeds the site at the forefront of environmental matters.

Saarstahl had not confirmed, claiming to have taken "no decision", but recognized that he studied "temporary options" to "limit the negative effects" of this rise, when his blast furnaces in Germany turn coal, much cheaper.

The government quickly reacted, after several years of mobilization to save the site and again a recent loan of 20 million euros at the beginning of the year to pay the wages.

in Kiev, Ukraine, the boss dissatisfied his diary

 in Kiev, Ukraine, the boss dissatisfied his diary © Screenshot Kyiv Post The kyiv post facade, property of the Kadorr Real Estate group. Since 1995, Kyiv Post allowed an English speaking audience to learn about Ukraine, despite pressures. But his owner, a construction magnat, decided to put it in step. A shock wave has been shaking since Monday, November 8, 2021 Kiev's drafting rooms. The owner of the main English newspaper of Ukraine , Kyiv Post, announced in his pages the closure of the weekly for a short period.

The Minister of the Economy Bruno The Mayor had said Thursday morning that it was "no question" that the steel mill goes its relocated "definitively" activity in Germany .

reminding it had been "beat with great energy" to save this plant employing 270 employees and producing steel bars dedicated to the manufacture of rails, especially for the SNCF, and finding a buyer, he had assured that the government did not intend to "drop it".

"We are working on solutions," he added.

to believe Bercy, the combat-bottoms has even started "several weeks" to alleviate the costs of companies affected by the rise in energy prices, including the announcement in early November of aid. To the most electricity consuming companies, including ASCOVAL.

"scandalous" offshoring

The political reactions had not launched, in full electoral precamp, as the government has made the reindustrialisation and the decarbonation of the industry one of its priority objectives.

cybercrime. 1,000 arrests and $ 27 million seized by Interpol

 cybercrime. 1,000 arrests and $ 27 million seized by Interpol © Getty Images / iStockPhoto Interpol stopped 1,000 cybercriminals. Photo Stock Illustration. INTERPOL announced Friday, November 26, the arrest of a thousand suspects and the seizure of $ 27 million as part of a global cyber crime operation. A thousand suspects were arrested and $ 27 million seized as part of a broad operation of Cyber ​​Crime conducted on all continents by Interpol, announced Friday, November 26 the International Organization for Cooperation policewoman.

From Wednesday, the member of the North and Communist candidate for Presidential Fabien Roussel had written to Bruno the Mayor to ask him to "intervene without delay".

The candidates for the investiture of the Republicans Valérie Pécresse and Xavier Bertrand were also mounted in the niche, the first castigating a relocation "scandalous and ubuesque, especially a few days after the Glasgow Cop26".

This threat fell badly for the executive which shows the ambition to make France a land of industrial and decarbonated production, thanks to a weakly transmitting nuclear electricity in CO2.

"The Government must access Ascoval's demand on the electricity tariff," said Thursday Xavier Bertrand, the current President of the Hauts-de-France Region, on the sidelines of a session of the regional Council.

"When you want, we can. The President of the Republic comes tomorrow in the region? Well, it is necessary that itself brings the answer very clearly, "added Xavier Bertrand, while Emmanuel Macron goes to the North and Aisne Friday for a displacement on the theme of territorial development.

The subject is sensitive, both the fate of Ascoval mobilized the Government and Emmanuel Macron in recent years, both as Minister of the Economy under François Hollande, then since his arrival at the Elysee.

When buying by the German steel group, validated in August last August, Bruno the mayor had hailed "a very good news for the future of the French steel industry and for employees".

German power saved even after nuclear phase .
Berlin. High energy prices and the coal exit have the discussion on nuclear power recently rekindled. At the end of 2022, the last Meiler should be switched off. then goes into Germany from the light? © Klaus-Dietmar Gabbert High energy prices have the discussion on nuclear power recently rekindled. The power supply in Germany will be secured according to a study even after the planned shutdown of the remaining six nuclear power plants in the coming year.

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