US News: domestic care after the election campaign - that should change

UNESCO: re-election of the French Audrey Azoulay at the head of the institution

 UNESCO: re-election of the French Audrey Azoulay at the head of the institution The former Minister of Culture of François Hollande placed his new term of four years under the sign of education and the environment © FRANCOIS MORI / AP / SIPA AUDREY AZOULAY During its re-election as General Manager of UNESCO, in Paris on 9 November 2021.

Häusliche Pflege wird der Heimpflege im Normalfall vorgezogen. Doch was sollte sich ändern, damit das System dauerhaft tragfähig bleibt? © Geralt / Domestic care is normally preferred to home care. But what should change so that the system remains permanently load?

The health and elderly care is at least since Corona often in conversation and is safe: clapping alone is not sufficient. Within the care stand, there are significant problems consisting of overloads, personal logs, time-shortness and other difficulties. But what has to change, so that the domestic care, which is often provided by church or private carriers, learns a change?

What does the domestic care cover?

Domestic care is a very broad range in practice, which may include the of a wide variety of services and shapes :

Presidential 2023 in Madagascar: Panorama, the opposition platform comes out of its silence

 Presidential 2023 in Madagascar: Panorama, the opposition platform comes out of its silence © Laetitia Bezain / RFI to two years of the presidential election, the Panorama opposition platform emerged from its silence. She organized a conference-debate in the center of the capital, Antananarivo. A Madagascar, the Opposition Group Panorama comes out of its silence. It is a platform composed of 17 political parties, with, among others, the HVM of the outgoing President Hery Rajaonarimampianina and the MPS of the Grande Port city of Tamatave, Roland Ratsiraka.

Support - This area is not integrated into medical care, but is an integral part of home care. Often organized by social and church associations, powers of older people help with purchases, in the household or accompany them to doctor visits. Medical Care - It is firmly bound to the respective care level. The nurses are due to fixed times a day to the nursing fueling agent and help with drug intake, supply, association change or the artificial food intake. Which work is in this area depends on the health condition of the person concerned, its care level and any relatives. All-around Care - This model is a fixed nursing force firmly and permanently employed. She usually lives in the premises of the nursing and cares around the clock, seven days a week around its concerns. Care includes the medical, domestic and the supporting area.

domestic support can be combined with medical care, which is always limited in time. It always depends on the individual case.

The Fort Man Libyan, Khalifa Hatar, Presidential Election Candidate

 The Fort Man Libyan, Khalifa Hatar, Presidential Election Candidate © - Libya Alhadath TV / AFP Libyan TV Screenshot Alhadath of November 16, 2021 showing Marshal Khalifa Haft announcing his Application for the December presidential election. The Fort Man Libyan, Marshal Khalifa Haftar, announced on Tuesday, November 16 that he was a candidate for the Libyan presidential election scheduled for December 24th. It was from Benghazi, his fief of the East Libyan, that the former marshal haftar declared his entry into the presidential race.

Where are the problems?

The main problems of the domestic and inpatient care can be compensated for the two following areas:

1. Too little nursing staff

The staffing of nursing homes with staff is still too low. Even if the Federal Government has initiated first steps with its nursing form 2021, 20,000 nursing assistance persons are still too little. It is to be hoped that there will be further steps to the personnel relief in the future. In order to make the profession attractive, only nursing facilities will be allowed from September 2022 (which may be charged with the statutory long-term care insurance), which pay their care and care forces after tariff.

2. Care is becoming more and more expensive

for nursing people, especially for residents in nursing facilities, care becomes increasingly expensive. Average costs of 2,100 euros per year are not uncommon. Fortunately, they should be relieved by the GVWG in the future and receive grants from the care degree II, covering parts of the nursing costs. Here, too, a first step was done, but that could quickly require corrections if the tariff payment is fully reflected on home costs. In general, experts assume that the grants are quickly consumed again and the propositions could approach the current level .

Congress of Mayors of France: Why the stake is double for Emmanuel Macron

 Congress of Mayors of France: Why the stake is double for Emmanuel Macron © Geoffroy van der Hasselt / AFP on the occasion of the 103rd Congress of Mayors, Emmanuel Macron receives this Wednesday nearly 1,000 elected at the Palace of the Elysium. But at the approach of the presidential election, the stakes are twofold for the President: Cajole the mayors of France, essential in the health crisis, and start his election campaign. a few months from the presidential election , emmanuel macron is running mayors.

caregivers should be paid appropriately without question. But a judgment of the Federal Labor Court could also terminate the all-round care in its own house . Only a few will be able to employ a all-round force 24/7, pay and employ a second force for rest and holidays. Here, politics should find further solutions to completely abolish a functioning model.

Better Nursing Models could also make nurses in such a way that they could take over support tasks and medical tasks, with a smaller patient base and still earn better.

Conclusion - Spark Courses must be terminated

The next government must stop the austerity price throughout the care sector and improve the billing models on all sides. So far, the domestic nursing services often remained out of the outside, although the nurses on themselves on themselves alone, it would take over much of the work and would make even more affordable. With an ever-increasing society, of course, new models must be created, which allow seniors to be self-employed, but in secured and supporting environment.

Honduras chooses new President .
overshadowed by the catastrophic economic situation will take place in Hondura's presidential and parliamentary elections. For the first time for twelve years, the opposition could prevail against the conservative Partido Nacional. © Luis Acosta / AFP The candidate Xiomara Castro at a campaign appearance in TEGUCIGALPA The left-handed candidate Xiomara Castro of the party Libre has surveys good opportunities to become the first female head of state of the Central American country.

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