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COVID-19: Israel will vaccinate children from 5 to 11 years old

 COVID-19: Israel will vaccinate children from 5 to 11 years old © Valery Hache "The majority of experts felt that the benefits of this vaccination for children would be more important than the risks, which led to the Decision to authorize the vaccine for these ages, "says the statement of the Israeli Ministry of Health. AFP / Jack GUEZ After The United States , Israel gave its green light Sunday to The vaccination of children from 5 to 11 years old with doses Pfizer / Biontech, hoping to curb the pandemic of Cvid- 19.

while the pandemic in Germany and most other European countries ensures alarm mood, the low infection numbers of the minority government in Spain and Portugal increase. The "upcoming triumph" against the pandemic is "a success of the government and the entire Spanish society," said Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez these days before cheering supporters in Benidorm. He promised "maybe in Spring" the virus will finally be defeated.

in fact: both Spain and Western neighboring Portugal are currently as the Spanish newspaper "El Periódico" wrote, a Corona oasis in Europe. Although the 7-day incidence has been climbing upwards for about a month in both countries - in Spain, for example, from the 2021 lifetime of approx. 18 in mid-October to last 62.5 . In Portugal, the number was last at about 115 .

Buy a property in Spain in 2021: Has the pandemic changed what buyers are looking for?

 Buy a property in Spain in 2021: Has the pandemic changed what buyers are looking for? © Provided by Idealista Property Buying Trends in Spain 2021 Natural light, good orientation, a living room and a spacious kitchen, terrace or garden, large rooms, a quiet place and an effective house ... here are the characteristics that are looking for People living in Spain and the expatriates who purchase a property in Spain , according to data from AEDAS HOMES and real estate agents in Spain.

But these values ​​are still very low compared to those of other countries. Germany posted a peak of just under 337 on Thursday (18 November). And it is even worse: In the Netherlands, it is well over 700, and in Austria, the incidence is now approaching the 1000er brand.

No strong burden on hospitals by Corona Patients

for relaxation ensure the few heavy corona cases on the Iberian peninsula, but above all. The number of Covid intensive patients went back to 75 from Tuesday to Wednesday in Portugal. "The location in the hospitals is very relaxed everywhere," writes the renowned newspaper "Público", citing his own reporters. And even in Spain, only 3.6 percent of all hospital and about 13 percent of all intensive cots with Covid patients are occupied. Strengthening measures such as 2G or vaccination obligations are therefore not for debate.

Pandemic: Results of the Corona Summit: Covenant and Countries beat the harder Corona course An

 Pandemic: Results of the Corona Summit: Covenant and Countries beat the harder Corona course An on Thursday advise Chancellor Merkel and the Prime Minister New Corona measures. Now seep through first details. © dpa unvolted deja-vu a very special working group. nine pages and 19 points should bring the turnaround in the coiling corona situation. "Only with a societal effort, we can defeat this virus," says in the decision-making for the Corona Summit of Federation and Countries on Thursday, which is present to the Handelsblatt. key points are: a nationwide 2G rule.

hardly anyone believes that it is coincidence that the relatively relaxed situation is registered in countries whose vaccination quotas with 87.6 (Portugal) and just under 80.1 percent (Spain) with the highest in Europe and also worldwide. Meanwhile, the skeptic or vaccine opponents are barely heard in Madrid and Barcelona, ​​Lisbon and Porto.

but not only high vaccination rates contribute to success in Spain and Portugal. Although in both countries there are currently few corona restrictions, the citizens usually remain careful. They enjoy life in the filled restaurants and bars, while still wearing mask on the street. And even at low levels of infectious numbers, the media - and the authorities are reacting.

The Regions Valencia and Basque Country want to introduce the Covid Pass for nightlife, which in Spain so far only the Balearic Islands with Mallorca and Galicia apply. The police in Madrid props for the expected Christmas Run on the shops the reintroduction of outdoor masks for shopping miles like the Gran Via. And in Portugal, the government comes together on this Friday to evaluate the situation.

Corona in Thuringia: LINKE calls for luminosity for all

 Corona in Thuringia: LINKE calls for luminosity for all except for individual messages, there is no restraint for a general vaccination in German policy. Now the Thuringian Left has spoken out in an urgency application for it. © Michael Reichel / DPA The topic of vaccination regularly ensures controversy in the Left Party. The warehouse of the vaccine update is followed by trailers of top politician Sahra Wagenknecht compared to - , which is always critical to the Corona vaccines .

A country in Europe, which shows that the pandemic course is not only influenced by the vaccine quota alone is Denmark. Here, the incidence recently climbed to high 426 - and despite a vaccination rate of 76 percent. However, Denmark's death rate with 0.64 percent is very low. The rate shows how many Covid infected die on the disease. For comparison: In Germany, the value was 18 November at just under 1.4 percent . Meanwhile, the government in Denmark still directs one - and terminates new measures for pandemic fighting after two months without any rules.


  Musterschüler Spanien und Portugal: Wo dank hoher Impfquoten die Corona-Inzidenz niedrig bleibt © Provided by Business Insider Germany Mercado Central de Atarazanas, Malaga, Costa del Sol, Provinz Malaga, Andalusia, Spain, Europe, © Picture Alliance / Juergen Held Mercado Central de Atarazanas, Malaga, Costa del Sol, Province of Malaga, Andalusia, Spain, Europe,

Austria: tens of thousands of people scroll against mandatory vaccination .
© Gert Eggenberger Manifestation against compulsory vaccination and health restrictions, November 27, 2021 in Klagenfurt, Austria Tens of thousands of people demonstrated in Austria To denounce mandatory vaccination to fight against the Pandemic of Covid-19, a measure that Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg has qualified on Sunday "minor interference" in relation to alternative measures.

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