US News: migration crisis at the gates of Europe: a majority of exiles sheltered, more than 400 repatriated

Tensions Between Russia and Western Powers to the UN About Belarus

 Tensions Between Russia and Western Powers to the UN About Belarus Europe-Migrants-Belarus-UN: Tensions Between Russia and Western Powers at the UN About Belarus © Reuters / Handout.

431 Iraqis have been repatriated, thousands of exile candidates still remain blocked at the gates of Europe . Germany will not welcome them. The EU tightens ranks around Poland against Belarus.

Candidat irakien à l'exil de retour en Irak, arrivée à l'aéroport d'Irbil, 18 novembre 2021 © Hussein Ibrahim / Copyright 2021 The Associated Press. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Iraqi candidate at the exile back in Iraq, arrival at Irbil airport, November 18, 2021

These are the first candidates for exile and the only ones for the moment to have been repatriated by their country after being remained caught for days on the border between Poland and Belarus. These 431 Iraqis have landed Thursday night at Irbil International Airport, Iraqi Kurdistan and Baghdad region. But there would still remain 4,000 migrants on site.

DRC: Central African refugees repatriated aboard a humanitarian flight

 DRC: Central African refugees repatriated aboard a humanitarian flight © Monusco / Abel Kavanagh on the tarmac from Gbadolite airport (image of illustration). UNHCR, the United Nations Refugee Agency, resumed its refugee repatriation operations from the DRC to the Central African Republic. Monday, November 15, about forty people left Inké camp, near the city of Gbadolite (in North Ubangi), aboard a humanitarian flight to return to their country. According to the United Nations, more than 200,000 Central Africans are currently living on Congolese soil.

and to be very clear about their becoming, the European Union has tightened the ranks with Poland. Germany supports the blockage of these exiles at the gates of the EU. In visit to Warsaw, the German Minister of the Interior Horst Seehofer has clearly indicated that there is no possibility of asylum in Germany for these thousands of migrants who try to enter Poland, in order to avoid a Possible "Attraction effect":

"The last false information in date was that the German federal government would be willing to host a number of these refugees in Germany. It was spoken of 2,000 people. I immediately contacted the Chancellor and I received clear information that it was a false information. "

migrants in Calais: The two volunteers suspend his hungry strike

 migrants in Calais: The two volunteers suspend his hungry strike © AFP / Denis Charlet Philippe Demeestère, Anais and Ludovic, had started their hunger strike on October 11th. They have not eaten for 38 days to denounce the "inhuman" treatment inflicted on migrants that flock to Calais. By their side, a 72-year-old priest, Philippe Demeestère who had started feeding again after 25 days. Anaïs Vogel and Ludovic Holbein, the hungry collective at the frontiers, put an end to their action.

Europeans accuse Belarus from orchestrated this influx of migrants from a dozen countries by delivering visas to revenge Western penalties.

Belarus - Poland: "We must stop suffering" migrants trapped at the border migratory crisis at the European borders: the diplomatic pressures increase Poland-Belarus: the war of the images migrants trapped in Belarus: "a cynical instrumentalization which will not succeed "

our special Valerie Gauriat survey was on Thursday night on the spot, Polish side:

" It was a new day of intense activity for the polish side of the border side, like that was the case all week.

Activists of NGOs present tell us and told me all week that they had practically any call for migrants, not because they do not need it but because they do not pass Polish side. And those who succeeds take huge risks.

It worries the local population. If she has supported the massive presence of the army, police and border guards she fears that there have more victims. In fact, people say they are sure that there will be other victims in the coming weeks and are afraid that just happens in their garden. "

Migratory crisis: "Russia can the role of mediator", esteem Svetlana Tikhanovskaya

 Migratory crisis: Since Lithuania, where it has been exiled since 2020, the Belusse opposition leader, Svetlana Tikhanovskaya felt that Russia could play a role of mediator in the resolution of the migration crisis. View on euronews © Dan Kitwood / Pool via AP / 2021 Getty Images "The crisis on the border with the Belarus could still last for months or even years", this is the warning given by Poland while thousands of migrants are still blocked at the gates of Europe.

Tuesday night, more than a thousand people had already found refuge in A vast hangar near the border, but some 800 others, according to Minsk, had passed the night outside by temperatures below 0 ° C in tents or near campfires.

The latter were finally relocated. "Weather conditions that degrade". In the hangar, migrants receive, according to the Bélaursse border guards, "hot meals, warm clothes and essential products".

"to 18 November, all refugees from the Fortune camp on the Belarusian-Polish border, near the crossing point of Brouzgui, were transferred, on the basis of volunteering to a logistics center, "said the Border Guards of Belarus on Telegram.

The Fortune Camp A been occupied by up to q Uelque 2,000 people in recent days. It was installed in a wooded area not far from the border post of Brouzgui where, Tuesday, hundreds of migrants faced water cannons and tear gas from Polish forces.

Photos of the abandoned next camp were broadcast.

Sign of human dramas taking place in this forest, the Polish Center for International Aid, an NGO, said Thursday intervened with a Syrian couple who said he has lost his son aged one year.

For 10 days, NGOs have listed 11 dead of exile candidates in the area.

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