US News: Burkina Faso: The political class questions the military dysfunctions in the fight against terrorism

Burma: The American journalist Danny Fenster charged with terrorism and sedition

 Burma: The American journalist Danny Fenster charged with terrorism and sedition © Jeff Kowalsky AFP / Archivos The American journalist Danny Fenster has been detained since May in Burma. held for several months by the Junta in Burma, the American journalist Danny Fenster was charged on Wednesday, November 10 of terrorism and sedition. He risks prison for life. Danny Fenster was already pursued for incentive to dissent, illegal association and for breaking the law on immigration. Charges punishable by six years in prison . Two new charges have just been notified to him.

Le général de brigade Gilbert Ouédraogo a pris le commandement des forces armées nationales ce mardi à Ouagadougou. © AFP - Olympia de Maismont The Gilbert Ouéraogo Brigada General has taken command of the National Armed Forces on Tuesday in Ouagadougou.

In Burkina Faso, the political class responds to malfunctions in the armed forces in the fight against terrorism. The majority as opposition require the Head of State of strong measures to establish serenity in the troops.

with our correspondent in Ouagadougou, Yaya BOUDANI

Corruption, politics, poor organization are the evils that undermine the Armed Forces Burkinabè according to the political class. President Roch Marc Christian Kaboré had denounced the problems related to the food and premiums of the soldiers on the ground after the attacking a gendarmerie detachment in INATA , in the Soum, which made 53 dead including 49 soldiers .

Burkina Faso: Civil society expresses its ras-le-bowl on the safe position

 Burkina Faso: Civil society expresses its ras-le-bowl on the safe position © AFP - Olympia de Maismont on July 3, 2021 A walk had already been held in Ouagadougou to protest against the insecurity generated by the presence Jihadiste in Burkina Faso (image of illustration). a few days after the opposition leader who threatened to call the people to demonstrate to request the resignation of President Roch Marc Christian Kaboré if the safe situation was not improving, it's a turn of a Hundred civil society organizations to have a call for civil disobedience.

Video: Burkina Faso: The attack in the Soum is 32 dead, three days of national mourning decreed (France 24)

for the leader of the opposition, these malfunctions are not new. This has been a bad organization since 2019. "The soldiers did not want to talk about it for fear of being sanctioned by their hierarchy," says Eddie Komboigo . "In the 2018-2022 military programming law, 725 billion FCFA are provided for the benefit of the armed forces and they have not even spent half of this money," says the leader of the opposition that submits that There is a person who must be sanctioned, it is President Roch Marc Christian Kaboré himself.

for Benewendé Sankara , the President of the Union for the Renaissance / Sankarist Patriotic Movement, these dysfunctions are the consequence of a division within the army from the 2011 mutinies and the dissolution of the old regiment. presidential security . According to the president of the brand new Sankarist party, a member of the presidential majority, the army is undermined by "corruption" and "politics". "The army must be restructured following the Guinean example. Shake the coconut tree and retreat some senior grades and entrust the operational command to youth "suggests master Benewendé Sankara.

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: in Burkina Faso, changes to the head of the armed forces on October 12th, the Brigade General

Gilbert Ouedraogo took the command of the national armed forces. During a ceremony in the nation's place, the new boss of the Burkinabè armies announced a reorganization of forces internally, and a redeployment on the ground.

Burkina Faso: The calm returned, the next day of one day .
© AFP - Issouf Sanogo Ouagadougou and Bobo Dioulasso (picture of illustration) were the cities where the tension was the most vivid during the gathering dispersed by the police, Saturday, November 27. Ouagadougou is calm, this Sunday, November 28, in the aftermath of the dispersion of an prohibited event. Some civil society organizations had called up the populations to denounce the growing insecurity, and to request the resignation of the President of Burkina Faso.

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