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US News: The mayors and macron: to leave the pretense

Sanitary Pass, Reminder Dose, Nuclear ... What to Remember Macron

 Sanitary Pass, Reminder Dose, Nuclear ... What to Remember Macron © AFP Covid-19, Pensions, Nuclear, Emmanuel Macron mentioned many topics Tuesday night at its 9th speech since the beginning of the sanitary crisis. 10 minutes on COVID-19, 20 minutes on economic and social topics. At its 9th speech since the beginning of the health crisis, Emmanuel Macron made several announcements on the health situation, while the epidemic goes back in France and Europe. But he also approached several economic and geopolitical themes at 5 months of the presidential election.

since its election in 2017, the President of the Republic maintains complicated relationships with the mayors, which were gathered in congress in Paris until 18 November.

Editorial of the "World". The Congress of the Association of Mayors of France (AMF), which ended on Thursday, November 18, confirmed it in a brilliant way: the presidential battle that opens will extend the lapped war which has opposed for four years associations local elected representatives to the outgoing president. At the head of the AMF by 60% of the votes, David Lisnard, the mayor (the Republicans) of Cannes, landed in Herald local freedoms against the centralizer Emmanuel Macron, accused of having wanted to handle any solitary , starting with the health crisis.

Kamala Harris Head of the World Peace Forum

 Kamala Harris Head of the World Peace Forum © Sarahbeth Money Emmanuel Macron welcomes the American Vice President Kamela Harris to the Elysee on November 10, 2021 French President Emmanuel Macron and the Vice-President From the United States Kamala Harris will kill Thursday of the Paris on Peace Forum, dedicated this year to the reduction of global fractures, with a big digital component.

After an unprecedented ballot, David Lisnard succeeds François Baroin at the head of the AMF

in this fight of the base against the summit, the Republican Right has the support of the socialists and elected representatives of the "old world" , who felt jostled or even humiliated by a President of the Republic who has never exercised local function and took them up at the beginning of his term. The presence at the forum of the Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, and the President of the Senate, Gérard Larcher, looked like a vice of which the President of the Republic went out of praise to the thousands of ediles gathered in the park Exhibitions of the Porte de Versailles, in Paris.

At the approach of the presidential election, Emmanuel Macron tries to correct his image

video: Why was Emmanuel Macron chosen on November 9 to express himself? (Europe 1)

Migration crisis between Poland and Belarus: Macron and Putin call for "de-escalation"

 Migration crisis between Poland and Belarus: Macron and Putin call for © Ian Langson / Reuters Vladimir Putin and Emmanuel Macron during a meeting in the Elysee on December 9, 2019. Presidents French and Russian Have spoken for 1:45, on Monday, November 15, to evoke the influx of migrants at the border between Belarus and Poland. Emmanuel Macron and Vladimir Putin agreed on a de-escalation of the migratory crisis at the border between Belarus and Poland, announced the Elysee this Monday, November 15, at the end of A 1:45 call between French and Russian presidents.

To look closely, the assessment of these four years of tense relationships is not as black as the opposition elected officials want to believe. It is on the mayors that Emmanuel Macron was reluctant to lead the big debate and get out of his dangerous confrontation with "yellow vests". It is with them that he has managed the health crisis and climatic episodes that have affected several municipalities. The financial commitments have been held, the stimulus plan has supported local investment and experiences as a city's heart action have been conducted in concert to try to revitalize the average cities.


The discomfort is no less real because, at any level they are, the elected officials face the same difficulties: the rise of the political mistrust, the impatience of the administers who consider that the account n ' There is not, the increasing tension between the equality request and the need for local breathing. On this already complicated soil are grafting the new constraints related to the fight against global warming, such as disputing wind turbines.

Emmanuel Macron announces 1.9 billion euros to develop the hydrogen sector in France

 Emmanuel Macron announces 1.9 billion euros to develop the hydrogen sector in France © AFP Emmanuel Macron during his visit, this Tuesday, November 16, in Béziers of the company Genvia who develops high temperature electrolysers allowing Produce hydrogen from the water molecule (H20). Emmanuel Macron announced, on Tuesday, November 16, to Béziers (Hérault), that 1.9 billion euros will be devoted to the development of the hydrogen sector as part of the France 2030 investment plan of 30 billion.

"I want to tell you the recognition of the nation": Emmanuel Macron attempts to reconnect with the mayors

in their long complaint, the officials of the AMF raised real problems, at the forefront of which is the health policy. . The structural difficulties encountered by the public hospital, the expansion of the medical deserts, which digs inequalities between territories, make urgent a fine articulation between public and private medicines. The mayor must take it all his part. The deconcentration of the means of the State presented by Emmanuel Macron as the response to the demand for proximity also deserves to be questioned. The elected officials argue that, in the field, the state has lost the means to do when they know how to act. A new decentralization step is claimed.

The legitimate offensive, however, butes on the mixed record of the stages conducted since 1982: disputed creation of large regions, lack of readability of local policies, a gradual loss of tax autonomy by the multiplication of exemptions supported by the State. Before claiming a new share, the right and the left would probably question their own ambiguities. Whenever Emmanuel Macron has challenged them to accept a system in which skill transfers would be accompanied by a real transfer of responsibility, he did not answer an answer. To advance, you have to get out of the pretense.

Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron received their Vaccine Recall .
© Thomas Coex Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte on the Perron of the Elysee, September 27, 2021 Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron received this weekend their weekend Vaccinal reminder against COVID-19, and at the same time vaccinated against the flu. "Vaccine reminder" and "flu vaccine" are both checked in green in a tweet broadcast Monday morning by the French president. "Brigitte Macron received this weekend a recall dose of the VVID-19 vaccine.

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