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US News: Delivery problems For heaters for the Flood area

Consumer Center advises in the heating oil purchase for waiting

 Consumer Center advises in the heating oil purchase for waiting experts expect that the currently high heating oil prices give in medium term. The holder of the Portal Heizoel24, Oliver Klapschus, said the current highest prices have existed in the middle and at the end of October. © Christian Charisius / DPA Who heats with heating oil, should currently wait with an oil buyback because of the high prices. Thus, the mediation portal for 18 October registered a average price in Germany for 100 liters of heating oil of 90.36 euros.

With the winter temperatures, a question becomes more and more urgent for numerous flood victims: When do I get a functioning heating again?

Ein Installateur baut in einem von der Flutkatastrophe betroffenen Haus eine Fußbodenheizung ein. © Thomas Frey / DPA An installer builds underfloor heating in a house affected by the floodcatastrophe.

«Of course we have customers who freeze - they have no functioning heating," said the supporters of the art sanitary, heating and air conditioning (SHK) in the district Ahrweiler, Frank Wershofen, the German Press Agency. "The delivery times are on the device. For multi-month deadlines, there are suppliers problems: The major manufacturers of heaters get too little semiconductors. This is the international chip deficiency », explained the boss of a flood-damaged SHK operation in Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler.

on the BER and landing aircraft soon on two tracks

 on the BER and landing aircraft soon on two tracks Starting more than a year after the opening start and land the aircraft at the new capital airport in the future of both runways and runways. © Christoph Seder / dpa Visitors at the main capital airport Berlin Brandenburg "Willy Brandt" (BER) - The number of starts and landings was last grown. «From the 1st of December that's the case," said Airport Chefin Aletta from Massenbach on Friday in the state parliament in Potsdam.

The energy agency Rhineland-Palatinate refers to it to be "almost nationwide" in the Ahrtal with questionnaires on the way to capture the need for heating. There were also "mobile single or heat network transition solutions" have been offered. Heating companies in Germany were also "priority in the tide". In the flood on 14th and 15th July, after extremely heavy rain in the Ahrtal 134 people were killed and thousands of houses had been damaged or destroyed. Elsewhere in Germany, it came to floods.

According to the Energy Agency, the number of inquiries is now back due to lack of heat supply on the AHR. "If you have no winter-resistant heat solution, you may like to report under our mail [email protected]," she said.

In the pandemea year, the cost of drugs rise slightly

 In the pandemea year, the cost of drugs rise slightly © Keystone / Gaetan Bally The cost of drugs in Switzerland have increased slightly in 2020. The development was strongly influenced by the Covid 19 pandemic, according to the latest Helsana drug report. Further hardly used was the savings potential of inheritance preparations. In 2020, while 2.2 percent fewer medicines have been obtained than in the previous year. The costs at the expense of basic insurance, on the other hand, increased by 1.2 percent to 7.741 billion francs, as shown in the re

for flood victims without longer-term warm alternating quarters Ahr municipalities organize increasingly heatable emergency accommodation. Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler, for example, has ordered 64 «Tiny Houses» with 34 square meters of living space for up to five inhabitants. Even Sinzig, County and the Association of Altenahr put on such mini houses. In addition, a container village arises in Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler. "These are 16 threesome solutions, each with a kitchen and a bathroom in a middle container and two outer containers," said City Speaker Michael Rennenberg.

Auf einem Sportplatz im Ahrtal werden Wohncontainer für Flutopfer aufgestellt. © Thomas Frey / DPA On a sports field in the Ahrtal, residential containers are set up for flood victims.

Kreishaftener Wershofen explained, in the lower Ahrtal around Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler had been put into operation a new Earthgashochtuckleitung. "But over 3000 gas meters have not yet been installed in the houses." Again, there is still emergency solutions. In the wine villages of the middle and upper AHR, the citizens had heated up to the tide especially with heating oil and LPG. Now there is a collective aginomium of single solutions, such as wooden furnaces, electric or pellet heaters.

four days in the entrance: Customer desperately at parked Amazon delivery truck on his property

 four days in the entrance: Customer desperately at parked Amazon delivery truck on his property A Californian just wanted to buy toilet paper - and came unexpected to a free van. Only he does not want to have that. © Stern / Screenshot Twitter Everyone who is occasionally traveling in sealed areas knows the ever-increasing number of vans, which stand on the street, sometimes in entrance or on the sidewalk and wait for the moving parcelman to his Delivery has done.

Wershofen, who is currently working on his own words seven days a week and gets more than 100 customer inquiries daily, warns of overrunning heating solutions: "A plant must also fit the house. Normally it is intended for 15 or 20 years. »

The Handwerkskammer Koblenz retained against more often statements, there are too few heating manufacturers. It refers to your website - Here specialists offer their services from all over Germany. The access figures show, according to the chamber, "that around 80 percent of the craftsmen say:" We still have capacities. »»

Egon Linden, flood-damaged heating manufacturer in Heppingen, a district of Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler, said: "In the Ahrtal, heaters are actually boilers License plates to see very elsewhere. That is a big help. But two hands can only process a certain amount. " Kreishaftener Wershofen reported "that from our approximately 55 citing members 12 are held at the flood».

SMEs groaned under Svening Governor and rising cost .
delivery bottlenecks and rising material costs are becoming increasingly at the burden for Germany's medium-sized companies. © Boris Roessler / DPA A red warning sign with the inscription "Stop" depends on a warehouse for empty freight containers in the Cargo area of ​​Frankfurt Airport. (Archive image) Although the order books of many companies have been properly filled after the Corona-deep, but because pre-products or raw materials are missing, production does not come afterwards.

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