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For the first time more than 50,000 new infections within 24 hours

 For the first time more than 50,000 new infections within 24 hours Germany has set up a sad record in the Corona Pandemic. In view of the development, more and more citizens are talking about a vaccine. And the ethic council is also open to it. © Matthias Leg / dpa / Picture Alliance Provided by Deutsche Welle How the Robert Koch Institut (RKI), citing data of health offices, notified, within 24 hours, 50,196 new infections were registered with the coronavirus. The nationwide seven-day incidence reached a new high with 249.1.

For 16 years, social democrats have no longer led the Ministry of Defense. There is a good reason to change this now.

Die SPD sollte zeigen, dass sie sich für sie interessiert: Bundeswehrsoldaten, hier neulich beim Großen Zapfenstreich zum Ende des Afghanistan-Einsatzes. © Christophe Gateau / DPA The SPD should show that you are interested in you: Bundeswehr soldiers, here the other day at the large tap strike to the end of the Afghanistan insert. A new struck Please

The Last Defense Minister of the SPD went among tears and trumpets: Peter Struck left the Wehrressort in 2005, because in the first major coalition under Angela Merkel had fallen to the Union; He was deeply stirred at his farewell. In addition to three marches, he also wanted a classic of the workers' movement, almost the soundtrack to the SPD: "When we have been stepping since on".

traffic light coalition: Robert Dabeck warns before failure of the conversations

 traffic light coalition: Robert Dabeck warns before failure of the conversations actually are SPD, FDP and green in the self-stitched schedule, SPD Secretary-General Klingbeile expects the agreement on the coalition agreement before Nicholas. But now expresses Greenschef Dabeck. © Annegret Hilse / Reuters Until the beginning of December, the traffic light coalition should stand - and SPD and FDP are also optimistic that it works. In the Greens, however, multiplies the skepticism . Now Greenschef Robert Habeck has warned that the coalition negotiations could fail.

The SPD and the Bundeswehr, side by side, that's a long time ago. Since struck farewell is the department in the hands of the Union. The SPD no longer struggled to take on the command there.

The Bundeswehr was in shrinking. The experience soon showed: After struck, no minister, no minister was really politically strengthened from the time in the military resort. Anyone who moved there as a "owner of command and command and commands" was able to hire themselves: the next affair, the next committee of inquiry is determined.

It therefore has its reasons why the ongoing coalition negotiations between SPD, FDP and Greens none of the possible traffic light partners so far declared offensive: HER with the Ministry of Defense! But is that so, is politically nothing to win with him? This question should be in particular the SPD.

SPD push in NRW: Poland in domestic care should work legally

 SPD push in NRW: Poland in domestic care should work legally NRW-SPD wants to make a social restart in health and nursing policy to a central theme at the state election in May 2022. In the Action Plan "Maximum Human instead of maximum profit", the faction leader Thomas Kutschaty presented in Dusseldorf, the improvements in working conditions in care is at the top of the agenda. The SPD also wants to tackle a sensitive topic: the home care of seniors through cheap workers, which come mainly from Poland, Romania and Bulgaria.

shows the story with the drones in which the problem exists

The story of the ratio of the SPD to the soldiers is long and full of breaks, shaped by two world wars. They were often hostile to, suspicious anyway. This was also slowly changing after the founding of the Bundeswehr in 1955. But hardly any other party has - from this experience - so deserved the post-war army made as the SPD.

The army of the citizens would probably not exist today if Social Democrats had not fulfilled so persistently since 1969 to grow into their democratic self-image. Defense Policy was a task for its best people at the SPD: Helmut Schmidt was the first Social Democrat the Bundeswehr. Later, Georg Leber developed comparable recognition under soldiers, as they later learned Peter Struck.

SPD Chancellor Gerhard Schröder sent the Bundeswehr in her first fighting on the Balkans. Under struck, they turned into a deployment army that learned to operate away from the Federal Republic. The Bundeswehr opened back then for women who could come to the fighting troop. Barracks had to take the names of Nazi generals and were named after resistance fighters. The SPD often contributed responsibility for the Bundeswehr, if she became better. This secured at the same time backing under soldiers.

from the understanding of what the troop needs, little has remained in the party today. Last viewed that when the SPD blocked the procurement of armed drones over the years, which she wants to use only to protect her field camps and convoys; Nothing else.

Now the chance would bring the relationship to the Bundeswehr in order. Olaf Scholz wants to anchor the SPD again broader in society. If he wants to be consistent, he should also claim the defense resort for the party.

red-green-red: Coalition agreement Berlin 2021 as PDF for download .
The Berlin coalition agreement 2021 is red-green-red. You can download the complete document here as PDF. © Photo: Carsten Koall / DPA These are only the cheatouts: Franziska Giffey in the idea of ​​the coalition agreement. The coalition agreement is: SPD, Greens and Linke have ended the negotiations and the Berlin coalition agreement 2021 under the heading "Future capital Berlin. Social. Ecologically. Diverse. Business strong "summarized.

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