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US News: Corona in Thuringia: LINKE calls for luminosity for all

calls for stricter controls of the Corona rules are louder

 calls for stricter controls of the Corona rules are louder Berlin. The fourth corona wave is increasingly swelling, at the same time the applicable rules in many places only LAX are controlled. Now associations appeal to the operators of restaurants and events, tacking harder. The police are an urgent call, all concerns. © Marijan Murat In many restaurants, access is only valid for vaccinated or greeted guests, but often the rules are not controlled consistent1. The pandemic does not lose loose, on the contrary.

except for individual messages, there is no restraint for a general vaccination in German policy. Now the Thuringian Left has spoken out in an urgency application for it.

  Corona in Thüringen: Linke fordert Impfpflicht für alle © Michael Reichel / DPA

The topic of vaccination regularly ensures controversy in the Left Party. The warehouse of the vaccine update is followed by trailers of top politician Sahra Wagenknecht compared to - , which is always critical to the Corona vaccines .

Now, the Thuringian Left on its state party conventions have decided as the first national association's introduction of a general vaccination obligation. Most of a corresponding urgency application had been approved, shared the national association with .

Alice Weidel to Corona infection in quarantine

 Alice Weidel to Corona infection in quarantine Berlin. The chairman of the AFD parliamentary group, Alice Weidel, has become infected with the Coronavirus. The politician is now in quarantine. © Kay Nietfeld Alice Weithel, faction chairman of the AfD in the Bundestag (archive photo). Weidel have undergone a corona test, "after they found flu-like symptoms," said her spokesman Daniel Tapp on Thursday of the German Press Agency. "She went into domestic quarantine immediately," he added.

rapid change in urgency application

In the original application, only the speech was initially of a professional vaccination obligation. In order to protect people with which works, "people in hospitals, in the nursing service and in old-age homes should be committed to the Corona vaccine. The requirement is similar to the project of the traffic light parties to introduce a division-related liability for employees in the care.

In an amendment, the urgency application was further effected again shortly before the start of the Landtag: the vaccination obligation is now to be valid for everyone.

Video: 400 Series: All Thuringia in Highest Corona Warning Station (DPA)

»Especially if there is a fear that a continued influence of infection events requires renewed restrictions also necessary for vaccinated persons, a general vaccination obligation appears, required and required reasonable, "says in the application.

"Hard but fair": If felt truths on facts meet

 Of course you would have wished one of the traffic light negotiators. But the Corona discussion at Frank Plasberg will still be interesting. Because a participant with their crude views all the others against themselves © ARD Frank Plasberg let again be debated over Corona If perceived truths on facts Meeting At first glance you are a little disappointed with the list of participants. Since the traffic light negotiator in Berlin at the subject of Corona a rapid turnaround.

"Financial incentives" for the vacuum

The vaccination obligation for all had to provide exceptions for hardness cases, also a transitional phase should be checked. The period of time can be used to motivate sanctulants by "Financial Incentives". "If necessary, these incentives would be subsequently compensated for those incentives," it continues in the application.

Previously, the former Minister of Finance of Brandenburg and today's left-to-date members Christian Görke demanded a monetary bonus for vaccination. The state should pay 300 euros for the first complete vaccination protection and 200 euros for refreshing, the so-called booster. The payment should also follow those people who have already vaccinated. "500 euros are reasonable, they are available and they are needed."

In the Left Party, however, the topic is controversial: especially Sahra Wagenknecht is considered a hard critic of the Corona policy of the Federal Government. On YouTube, she has spread the same theses for months, even in March, she expressed skeptically to the novel vaccines and warned of high pressure on non-vaccinated. (Read here more about wagnecht and how she became the heroine of the Unvacaked.)

with many comrades and enjoyed it is now considered a stimulus figure. Most recently, she was suggested to change with its vaccination on the AFD .

nationwide has no larger appeals for a vaccination requirement, the traffic light parties SPD, GREEN and FDP reject them so far. Most recently Bayern's Prime Minister, CSU-Chief Markus Söder , had spoken out on Friday for a general vaccination obligation. "I believe that we will not get around a general vaccination in the end," he said. Otherwise, that will be "an endless loop with this mist corona".

to Coronaur Part: Union calls for new emergency brake - Ampelpartei FDP warns of restrictions .
According to the judgment of the Federal Constitutional Court, CDU and CSU require a new emergency brake in front of the federal-state summit at noon. FDP and green do not want to go so far. © DPA Bavaria Prime Minister demands a new emergency brake after the judgment from Karlsruhe. The Confederation was allowed to impose outgoing and contact restrictions in the third pandemewelle in the spring of the coronanot brake. This has communicated the Federal Constitutional Court to Tuesday morning .

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