US News: Return to Ethiopia from a series of works of art looted in the 19th century

The United States sanctioned the army and the power in power in Eritrea

 The United States sanctioned the army and the power in power in Eritrea Ethiopia-Conflict / USA: the United States sanctions the army and the power in power in Eritrea Washington, 12 November (Reuters) - States -Unis imposed on Friday's sanctions against the Eritrean army, the ruling party in Asmara and several other entities of the country, accused by Washington to contribute to the current conflict in neighboring Ethiopia.

Plusieurs des objets exposés samedi au Musée national d'Addis Abeba devaient être vendus aux enchères mais ont été rachetés par la Fondation philanthropique Scheherazade dans le but d'être retournés à l'Ethiopie. © Amanuel Sileshi / AFP Many of the objects exposed Saturday to the National Museum of Addis Ababa had to be auctioned but were bought by the Foundation Scheherazade philanthropic for the purpose of returning to Ethiopia.

Ethiopia celebrated the return on its soil of a series of ancient treasures looted in the 19th century by British and recently returned soldiers from the United Kingdom, Belgium and the Netherlands after a long diplomatic campaign to get their restitution.

The collection includes a ceremonial wreath, an imperial shield, a set of silver horn cuts, a manuscript prayer book and various jewelry. Most of the restored pieces had been looted by the British army during its victory over the Emperor of Abyssinia Tewodros II at the Battle of Magdala in 1868. The treasures were unveiled at the press at the National Museum of Addis Ababa, Two months after being officially delivered to the Ethiopian authorities in London in September. The delivery of these objects - the most important restitution ever made for the benefit of Ethiopia - has a "enormous meaning", estimated the ambassador of Ethiopia in the United Kingdom, Teferi Meleress. Ethiopia continues to ask London the restitution of many other objects, including that of sacred stone and wood tablets representing an alliance arch - the safe which, according to the Bible, has contained the ten commandments given to Moses on Mount Sinai. The tablets are kept at the British Museum of London, which has never exposed them to the public. Addis Ababa also claims the restitution of the Son of Tewodros, Prince Alemayehu, who had been taken to England after his father's suicide following his defeat on the battlefield. "A whole series of objects, which are an integral part of the legacy of our culture and values, have been looted and carried illegally out of the country after this battle," said Ethiopian Tourism Minister Nasise Challi. "Countless of these objects are today in various museums, in research centers and even in the hands of individuals," she added by calling back to Ethiopia. Several of the objects exposed Saturday to the National Museum of Addis Ababa had to be auctioned but were bought by the Scheherazade philanthropic foundation for the purpose of returning to Ethiopia. Other objects have been acquired from individuals, collectors, merchants or investors. Among them, a set of medieval manuscripts that were to be auctioned in The Hague. Ethiopia is also in negotiations for the restitution of a Bible and a cross that should be auctioned in the United States. In early November, another African country looted by another colonial power, Benin has recovered about thirty art objects that have been the subject of an officialized restitution by France, which had carried these objects of the Kingdom of the Kingdom. Abomey at the end of the 19th century. "All these refunds are held in the global context of questioning the role of museums in the figuration of colonial stories and legitimacy to expose objects thus looted," said the National Ethiopian committee for restitution of the inheritance during the presentation. Objects returned.

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in Ethiopia, the rebels at the doors of the capital Addis Ababa .
© Amanuel Sileshi, AFP Hundreds of new recruits of the National Defense Forces of Ethiopia responded to the call for mobilization launched by the Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to defend the capital Addis Ababa against the advance of the Tigreens. Three years and a Nobel Award after its arrival in 2018, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed triggered a war that goes wrong, against the refractory region of the Tiger.

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