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US News: The Chinese Tennis Star Peng Shuai reappears in Beijing

Taiwan: Tensions between China and the United States, Maintenance between Joe Biden and Xi Jinping

 Taiwan: Tensions between China and the United States, Maintenance between Joe Biden and Xi Jinping © Pixabay Taiwan: Tensions between China and the United States, Maintenance between Joe Biden and Xi Jinping Joe Biden and Xi Jinping Go talk to each other on Monday to attempt to mitigate the strong tensions that oppose the United States and China on Taiwan and other sensitive topics. Diplomatic relations have stretched up in recent weeks between the two main global economic powers, particularly on the question of Taiwaïn.

Tennis-China-Peng: The Chinese Tennis Star Peng Shuai reappears in Beijing

LA STAR DU TENNIS CHINOIS PENG SHUAI RÉAPPARAÎT EN PUBLIC À PÉKIN © Reuters / Via Twitter @qingqingparis Chinese tennis star Peng Shuai reappears In public in Beijing

Shanghai (Reuters) - The Chinese tennis star, Peng Shuai, reappeared in public Sunday during a tennis tournament in Beijing, the Fila Kids Junior Tennis Challenger, according to photos of the event published by The organizers on the official account of China Open.

The fate of the 35-year-old, former number one world duplicate, has generated international mobilization.

The young woman had suddenly disappeared after revealed on November 2 on the Chinese social media that former Vice Prime Minister Zhang Gaoli, 75, had forced her to sex with him before starting a discontinuous relationship during several years. His internet accusations were then censored.

Taiwan: XI warns biden to "Do not play with fire"

 Taiwan: XI warns biden to © Eyepress News / Eyepress via AFP China J OE Biden and Xi Jinping spoke at length on Monday to Tuesday without paying anything From their disputes, especially concerning Taiwan, Chinese president exhorting his American counterpart not to "play with fire" on this issue.

On the photos broadcast on Sunday, we see Peng Shuai in the middle of guests, dressed in a navy sport jacket and white pants.

The WTA, the association responsible for women's women's competitions, had threatened Friday to suspend tournaments in China as a protest against the fate reserved for the champion.

The case has taken a political round, with the intervention of the United Nations, but also the United States or Great Britain, which pressed Beijing to provide information about Peng Shuai.

A WTA spokesman said by email in Reuters that the photos and video broadcast Sunday did not reassure the organization and that these elements were "insufficient".

A photo of Peng Shuai at the Beijing tournament was also posted Sunday on Twitter by Ding Li, a high executive of Global D-Sports, a company specializing in the organization of sporting events.

OJ of Beijing: Towards a "boycott" by American diplomacy?

 OJ of Beijing: Towards a © Chris Kleponis - Pool via CNP / Consolidated News Photos / Picture Alliance / Consolidated News Photos Joe Biden, Jo, China, Diplomacy, Boycott L A track of a "diplomatic boycott" by the United States United resurface. To protest against human rights violations in China, Washington seems to want to boycott the Olympic Winter Games in Beijing in February. A decision that arouses the positive reactions of some US elected officials.

Ding Li, who told Reuters to be a long-standing friend of the tennis player, said the phone of the phone worked and the WTA had only to call it.

The WTA boss, Steve Simon, had declared last week at the Time magazine that the organization had tried to contact Peng Shuai by several channels.

Ding Li specified Reuters that the player did not accept foreign media interviews.

Ding had published Saturday on Twitter photos of Peng Shuai in a popular restaurant in the center of Beijing, during a dinner he participated. Hu Xijin, editor of the Global Times, a state media, had published a video of the evening.

(Report Brenda Goh, Sophie Yu, Yew Mon Tian, ​​Gabriel Crossley and Ryan Woo; French version Sophie Louet)

Africa-China Summit: African countries are waiting for proceedings after the promises of Beijing .
© Seyllou / AFP members of the Senegalese delegation between the Africa-China Forum in Dakar, November 30, 2021. The 8th Forum of Cooperation Africa-China organized this year in Dakar ended on Tuesday, November 30th. After 21 years of partnership through this organization, African leaders wanted to highlight their own priorities to rebalance the relationship with Beijing. But despite the promises of the Chinese president, not sure that the continent sees a real long-term change.

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