US News: one dead and three wounded in a firearm attack in Jerusalem

Burkina Faso. At least 20 dead in an attack on a gendarmerie detachment

 Burkina Faso. At least 20 dead in an attack on a gendarmerie detachment © AFP "Operations are still ongoing and the search work" of any other survivors and attackers continued Sunday night. At least 19 gendarmes and a civilian were killed on Sunday during an attack of presumed jihadists against the detachment of Gendarmerie d'Inata, in northern Burkina Faso: this attack is one of the most deadly against the defense forces And safety Burkinabe since the country faces Jihadist actions.

  Un mort et trois blessés dans une attaque à l'arme à feu à Jérusalem © AFP

U No one was killed and three others were injured on Sunday morning during a rare attack at the firearm By a Palestinian member of the Hamas in the old town of Jerusalem, indicated the Israeli authorities.

"Around 09:00 Local (07:00 GMT), an armed terrorist opened fire in the old town of Jerusalem. Two civilians were seriously injured and two slightly injured police officers," said the police. A journalist from the AFP on site heard burst burst and cries.

In the stride, the Hadassah Hospital of Jerusalem, who welcomed the injuries of the attack, said that a person in the thirties had succumbed to his wounds.

it is Eliyahu Kaye, 25, new immigrant from South Africa , who was killed "while he went to his workplace", according to the body that manages the wall Lamentations, place of the most sacred prayer of the Jews.

Lead 1-Uganda-A triple suicide bombing makes three deaths, dozens wounded

 Lead 1-Uganda-A triple suicide bombing makes three deaths, dozens wounded Uganda-Securite / (Lead 1, Photo, TV): Lead 1-Uganda-a triple suicide bombing makes three deaths, dozens wounded (updated with an attack claimed by the EIS) by Elias Biryabarema Kampala, 16 November (Reuters) - At least three people died on Tuesday in a triple suicide bombing in Kampala, the capital of Uganda, who also did At least 33 wounded, five of whom are in critical condition, according to the authorities.

Just after this firearm attack, rare in the old town of Jerusalem located in the occupied Palestinian sector and annexed by Israel , many policemen have been deployed. The body of the assailant has long remained on the ground before the police confirm his death.

The Israeli Minister of Public Safety, Omer Bar-Lev, told television that the assailant was a Palestinian, "Hamas member", resident of the Shuafat district, in Jerusalem East. He was 42 years old according to the police.

"It was a Hamas member, the political branch, not the armed branch. According to the images we have, it seems that he wore a great galabeya (traditional dress) or that he had disguised himself in Orthodox Jew ", in order to conceal his weapon, said Mr. Bar-Lev on the Israeli chain Kan.

Blood Town in Sudan: No political solution for

 Blood Town in Sudan: No political solution for fifteen anti-putsch protesters were killed in Khartoum during the most murderer day since the coup of October 25th. © Supplied by FranceInfo Sudanese security forces shot this Thursday morning 18 November, new tearful grenades on anti-putsch protesters in Khartoum, the day after the softening day since the coup d'etat of 25 October with 15 dead.

video: police deployed in Jerusalem after a deadly firearm attack (Le Figaro)

"His wife left (the country) three days ago and his son is also Abroad (....). It seems that this attack is premeditated, "he added.

In a statement, the management of Hamas confirmed that the assailant, presented as Fadi Abu Chkhayday, was a member of the organization, without orderly claiming this attack, which comes six months, day for the day, after the end of The last war between Israel and Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip.

"Our martyr in Jerusalem spent his life preaching Jihad (?) This heroic operation is a warning to our enemy and his government so that he ceases to occupy our lands," said Hamas in a statement since the Gaza Strip, Palestinian enclave under strict Israeli blockade.

in a recently pronounced sermon in a mosque of Jerusalem, and whose AFP has viewed a registration, the assailant accuses the Israelis "to be the fathers of oppression, funded by Satan and the United Arab Emirates " , Country that normalized last year its relations with Israel.

Second night of riots in the Netherlands against sanitary restrictions

 Second night of riots in the Netherlands against sanitary restrictions © Copyright 2021, Obs manifestations against health restrictions have once again turned to riot Saturday night in the Netherlands, especially in The Hague where Several policemen were injured in clashes with the protesters, the day after a "orgy of violence" in Rotterdam (South-West).

Call for Vigilance

After this attack, the Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett asked "strengthening" the security system in Jerusalem and called to "vigilance" at the approach of Hanouka Jewish festivals, celebrated from November 28th.

President Yitzhak Herzog, who flew on Sunday for London, said that "the international community should recognize Hamas as a terrorist organization," according to a statement of his office.

Wednesday, a 16-year-old Palestinian led a knife attack in Jerusalem-is against Israeli forces making two wounded before being shot by the police.

clashes had erupted in the evening between Palestinian residents and Israeli forces in the district of Issawiya, in Jerusalem East, from which the young assailant originated, had seen a photographer from AFP. These tensions continued in recent days, according to the police and witnesses.

Jerusalem, the occupied West Bank and Israel were theater from October 2015 and for months of anti-Israeli attacks most often committed by isolated young Palestinians. These violence have since decreased intensity, but persist sporadically.

Some 200,000 Israeli live in Jerusalem East, where 300,000 Palestinians also live. Israeli, illegal colonization with regard to international law, continued under all Israeli governments since 1967.

21/11/2021 15:16:30 - Jerusalem (AFP) - © 2021 AFP

Turkey: a storm in the region of Istanbul makes five dead .
winds up to 130 km / h hit Monday and Tuesday the Marmara region, in northwestern Turkey, in addition to the dead , 63 wounded © Altan GOOK / GOCHEIMAGERY / SHUTT A Istanbul while a deadly storm hit the city, November 30, 2021. Natural disaster - Winds up to 130 km / h hit Monday and Tuesday the region From Marmara, in northwestern Turkey, in addition to the dead, 63 wounded after dramatic floods in August, the Turkey is once again bereaved by a natural disaster.

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