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US News: Kurdistan Iranian: a wave of unexplained arrests

Dual earthquake in Iran, at least one dead

 Dual earthquake in Iran, at least one dead Iran-Seism: Double earthquake in Iran, at least one dead © Reuters / Wana News Agency Double earthquake in Iran, at least one dead Dubai (Reuters) - two powerful Earthquakes occurred Sunday in southern Iran, near the port city of Bandar Abbas, killing at least one person and pushing residents to flee their home, reported public television. The two jumps of magnitude 6.3 and 6.4 took place in the southern province of Hormozgan, she added, and they were felt to Dubai, the United Arab Emirates.

Le président iranien Ebrahim Raïssi à la tribune du parlement à Téhéran, le 16 novembre 2021. © AFP - Atta Kenare The Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi at the Tribune of Parliament in Tehran, on November 16, 2021.

A wave of arrests is currently in court in the province of Iranian Kurdistan. In total, 32 men were arrested in ten days. Until now, none of them could explain to his loved ones the reason for his arrest. For fear of being they too victims, some residents of the surrounding villages fled their home. Since the arrival of the new Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi, the repression made me worse.

For the moment, it is difficult to link between the 32 people arrested. Very few of them have been able to call their families. None could say which charge weighed against them. For Fatemeh Karimi, director of the Kurdistan Human Rights Network, this wave of arrests is linked to the arrival of a new direction at the head of the province's scouting foles.

Chinese and Israeli presidents are called for the first time on the phone, a historic

 Chinese and Israeli presidents are called for the first time on the phone, a historic XI Jinping and Isaac Herzog conversation spoke of the Iranian nuclear program © UPI / Newscom / SIPA Israeli President Isaac Herzog Dring Dring - Xi Jinping and Isaac Herzog spoke of the Iranian nuclear program for the first time in the history of Israel and the China , the presidents of the two countries happened a phone call on Wednesday.

"There is this kind of change in order to scare and better control the Kurdish regions, where he has always existed a clear opposition to the central government. New managers start their posting with a wave of arrests. This time, they are mostly organized in groups like ecologists, and even members of a group of mountaineering and a group that organizes the Kurdish New Year's Day. We do not know exactly why they were arrested. There is always a very close link with Kurds, with Kurdish political parties. But currently, these political parties are not very active. They make this kind of arrests to diminish their fear of having another socio-political movement in the region.

Ethnic minorities in Iran are particularly controlled. The Kurdish province is historically considered by the Islamic Republic as a threat to the integrity and stability of the country.

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