US News: Senegal: The Coalition Yewwi Askan WI invests its candidates for the next elections

Germany: the future coalition soon formed, in full orally of Covid

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Plusieurs centaines de personnes étaient réunies à Dakar le 21 novembre 2021 pour le meeting d'investiture des candidats de la coalition d'opposition Yewwi Askan Wi. © Thea Ollivier / RFI Several hundred people were gathered in Dakar on November 21, 2021 for the investiture meeting of the opposition coalition candidates Yewwi Askan WI.

In Senegal, the Opposition Coalition, Yewwi Askan WI organized Sunday 21 November a great meeting of inauguration of the 19 candidates of the 19 communes of Dakar. One way to present them to the voters of the capital. This authorized meeting has drained a crowd of two-month activists and sympathizers of the municipal and departmental elections to be held on January 23, 2022.

with our corresponding in Dakar, Thea Ollivier

for long hours, the activists arrived by waves on The land that has been transformed into political arena. Dressed in white and green, all came to support Barthélémy Dias, the candidate in Dakar of the opposition coalition Yewwi Askan WI "(" Free the people ").

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"Reinventing" Dakar

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This is the case of INSA led, Affiliate of the African Patriot Party Senegal for work, ethics and fraternity (Pastef). "He did a great job, even in his municipality. It helps a lot of people. He is engaged. He inspired the confidence of the population, "he believes.

acclaimed by the crowd, Barthélémy Dias took the floor, drawing out the outline of a city of Dakar that he wants to "reinvent": "This election is decisive. This election is the first round of the presidential election of 2024, for those who do not understand that the third term is not allowed in Senegal. "

"You see what is happening here in Senegal"

in the stands included several personalities of the coalition including Khalifa Sall, former Mayor of Dakar, or Ousmane Sonko presenting in Ziguinchor. In his speech, the leader of the Pastef rejected the charter of non-violence proposed by representatives of Muslim brotherhoods: "Everywhere in Africa, expresses the awakening of consciences. You see what happens in Burkina Faso, you see what's going on in Mali, what is happening in Guinea and you see what's going on here in Senegal. "

opposite, the main competitor is Abdoulaye Diouf Sarr, Minister of Health and Head of the Coalition of the majority, Benno Bokk Yakaar.

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Senegal and Mauritania launch the project of construction of the Rosso bridge .
© Wikimedia Commons CC by-sa 4.0 Lyfengine a jetty in Rosso, Mauritanian side of the border with Senegal on the Senegal River (image of illustration) . The first stone of the construction project of the Rosso Bridge - which will connect Mauritania and Senegal - will be asked on Tuesday, November 30 in the presence of Senegalese and Mauritanian heads of states. Thus marking the beginning of the work of a strategic work that will connect the two countries separated by the Senegal River.

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