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US News: Again riots in the Netherlands

Netherlands: clashes between police officers and protesters opposed to sanitary restrictions

 Netherlands: clashes between police officers and protesters opposed to sanitary restrictions © AFP - Jeroen Jumelet Anti-riot police face demonstrators while they gather in The Hague, November 12, 2021, at A press conference of the Dutch Prime Minister held to announce new COVID-19 restrictions. The Netherlands return to partial confinement from this Saturday. Friday, November 12, protesters opposed to these measures have thrown stones during the Prime Minister's press conference in The Hague announcing the new measures. The police scattered the crowd with a water barrel.

in Enschede, the police issued an Emergency Regulation - a crowd was driven apart with knocking sticks. Also in the Belgian capital, people demonstrated against corona measures.

In Brüssel trieb die Polizei Demonstranten mit Wasserwerfern zurück © Olivier Matthys / AP / Picture Alliance In Brussels, the police drifted demonstrators with waterers back

in the third night in a row in the Netherlands protests against the Corona pads were turned into violence. Unrest was on Sundayend among others in the cities Leeuwarden, Groningen, Enschede and Tilburg. In Enschede, where an emergency ordinance was adopted, the police tried, according to a video spread in Internet media, driving a crowd with punching sticks. In Leeuwarden police cars were thrown with stones, demonstrators laid light trays.

Ecuador: A riot in a Guayaquil prison makes 68 dead

 Ecuador: A riot in a Guayaquil prison makes 68 dead © Nicola Gabirrete Intervention by the Ecuadorian police in Guayaquil Prison where a rival gang rix made at least 68 deaths. On September 28th was taking place one of the worst massacres of detainees in Latin America: 119 prisoners had died during bloody clashes in the premises of a penitentiary establishment.

protest in Amsterdam remains peacefully

in Amsterdam came together thousands of people to a protest march, although the rally had been canceled by the organizers after the violent riots in Rotterdam from Friday night. Accompanied by a large police facility, the protest was peacefully.

Mehrere tausend Menschen demonstrierten in Amsterdam friedlich gegen die Corona-Maßnahmen © Peter Dejong / AP Photo / Picture Alliance Several thousand people demonstrated in Amsterdam peacefully against Corona measures

also in the Belgian capital of Brussels had gathered on Sunday around 35,000 people to protest against the new government corona measures . Especially for anger, the increasing duty to submit Corona certificates into restaurants and other areas of life.

more teleworking, more vaccination

to break the new Corona wave in Belgium, the government also relies on teleworking and the increased vaccination of children. Where it is possible, workers must work from home at least four days a week from Monday. In addition, Belgium extends the vaccination campaign to five to eleven-year-old children.


Riots in Solomon Islands: New Zealand sends peacekeeping forces .
© Reuters - Stringer The peacekeeping force includes soldiers from New Zealand, Australia, Fiji Islands and Papua New Guinea. It must support Police of the Solomon Islands, here photographed in Honaria, November 26, 2021. Neo Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced on Wednesday 1 December the deployment of 65 soldiers and police officers in a force Peacekeeping by Australia in the Solomon Islands, after deadly riots that ravaged part of the capital, Honiara.

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