US News: Covid-19: The Lugubrube Prediction of the Minister of German Health

Certification for North Stream 2 exposed for the time being

 Certification for North Stream 2 exposed for the time being The operators of the controversial gas pipeline North Stream 2 must continue to wait for green light from Germany for an operation. © Jens Büttner / dpa central picture / dpa When Russian gas flows through the completed line to Germany is further open. The Federal Network Agency has provisionally suspended its proceedings for the certification of Nord Stream 2 AG as an independent operator and thus to release the gas transport by the Baltic Sea pipeline from Russia to Germany.

covid-19, cinquieme vague, allemagne, vaccin, morts, © Michael Kappeler / DPA / Michael Kappeler / DPA Covid-19, Fifth Wave, Germany, Vaccine, Deaths,

S I The New Wave of Covid- It seems to strike almost all the Europe , it particularly affects the overseas Rhine, Germany and Austria in the lead. While in Vienna, the government has decided to reconfirm its entire population and to make compulsory vaccination for all, Berlin also grows the belt. In a country that is always looking for a government and vaccination struggles everywhere, the current Minister of Health has, apparently, wanted to give a strong signal.

At a press conference, Monday, November 22, Jens Spahn has indeed split a statement a gloomy strand: by the end of winter, "he promised, all the Germans will be" Vaccinated, healed or dead ". In the viewfinder of the German minister, the extremely rapid diffusion of Variant Delta , that Jens Spahn described as "very, very contagious". And in the face of such danger, only one solution: to be vaccinated "urgently". For its part, Angela Merkel , outgoing Chancellor, lamented a fourth "highly dramatic" wave. She warned that the health situation "will be worse than all we've known" and that current measures are "more sufficient".

COVID-19: Facing the Soaring Cases, Belgium Serre

 COVID-19: Facing the Soaring Cases, Belgium Serre © Benoit Doppagne / AFP The Belgian Prime Minister Alexander de Croo announces new measures to combat the pandemic of Covid-19 in Brussels, the November 17, 2021. corresponding to Brussels. No partial reconformation or immunization obligation for caregivers, but the return to old anti-COVID measures and a call for respect for barrier gestures. Belgium announced on Wednesday to contain the fourth wave of coronavirus.

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the bar of 100,000 dead soon crossed?

Germany, especially the regions of the South and East, is hit hard by a new wave of contaminations that experts and politicians attribute in particular to a rate of vaccination (68%) among the lowest Western Europe. Faced with the resurgence of the virus, which has already killed more than 99,000 people in the country since its appearance, the outgoing chancellor Angela Merkel and its probable successor Olaf Scholz decided on Thursday to tighten restrictions for non-vaccinated. excluding compulsory vaccination from the entire population.

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"We currently have a fourth wave, we have a very, very difficult situation in many hospitals in Germany," said Spaahn during a press conference. "We see this wave spread gradually to the west," he added, while intensive care services of hospitals arrive at saturation, particularly because of the lack of staff.

In recent days, Germany has identified numbers of unparalleled infections since the beginning of the pandemic, exceeding last week the threshold of 65,000 in 24 hours. Monday, the 7-day incidence rate was 386.5, a record.

in Madagascar, Universal Health Cover Sent to see Day .
© RFI / Sarah Tétaud Maternity of a basic bush health center in Vakinankaratra, Madagascar. Six years after the adoption of a national strategy to set up universal health coverage, progress is well lean but the hopes of a better, always present. This was to be retained from the morning of conferences on this theme, organized Tuesday, November 30, by the collective of citizens and citizen organizations.

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