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US News: Covid: Germany is worried, Austria confines on a background of anger in Europe

Austria confines the non-vaccinated, a first in the EU

 Austria confines the non-vaccinated, a first in the EU © Alex Halada a student passes in front of a vaccination center in a Vienna school, September 14, 2021 Austria will confine on Monday the Unvaccinated persons or who have not recently contracted COVID-19, a first in the EU aimed at stepping the record number of new cases. "The situation is serious (...). We do not take this measure the light heart but unfortunately it is necessary," said Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg at a press conference Sunday in Vienna.

  Covid: l'Allemagne s'inquiète, l'Autriche se confine sur fond de colère en Europe © AFP

"V Accointed, cured or dead" at the end of the winter: Germany shared His lively worry Monday in the face of the explosion of contamination at COVID-19, while his Austrian neighbor has begun a new confinement, an unprecedented measure in Europe from the vast vaccination campaign.

But the return of anti-COVID restrictions 19 caused violence during the weekend in several European countries, again became epicenter of the pandemic, particularly in the Netherlands where the Prime Minister denounced acts of "pure violence" from "idiots".

In a shock formula, the German Minister of Health, Jens Spahn, warned that "everyone or almost will be vaccinated, cured or dead" by "probably the end of the winter" because of the spread of the Variant delta "Very, very contagious" that has been ravaging for several weeks.

Coronavirus: the point on the pandemic in the world

 Coronavirus: the point on the pandemic in the world © Tobias Schwarz A sign painted on the sidewalk asks people to wear a mask against the coronavirus, in Berlin November 15, 2021 New measures, new balance sheets and highlights: One point on the latest evolutions of the Covid-19 pandemic in the world. - Austria confines the non-vaccinated - Austria confines the non-vaccinated persons on Monday, which have not recently contracted CVIV-19, a first in the EU that aims to stem the record number of new case.

While the number of new daily contaminations has taken a record of more than 65,000 last week, the Chancellor Angela Merkel, on departure, has also launched a warning facing a "highly dramatic situation".

Current restrictions are "more sufficient", only aware, only four days after deciding with its probable successor Olaf Scholz of severe coercive measures to the non-vaccinated.

In Germany as in the nearby Austria, the vaccination rate is less than 70%, a lower level than in other European countries like France where it reaches 75%.

Austrians, despite a strong groove expressed in the streets this weekend, are again confined to midnight and until December 13th.

shops, restaurants, Christmas markets, concerts or hairdressers have dropped the curtain Monday in Vienna and the rest of the territory. But schools remain open and the streets of the capital were rather animated in the early morning.

Sample Schools Spain and Portugal: Where high vaccination quotas the Corona incidence is low

 Sample Schools Spain and Portugal: Where high vaccination quotas the Corona incidence is low while the pandemic in Germany and most other European countries ensures alarm mood, the low infection numbers of the minority government in Spain and Portugal increase. The "upcoming triumph" against the pandemic is "a success of the government and the entire Spanish society," said Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez these days before cheering supporters in Benidorm. He promised "maybe in Spring" the virus will finally be defeated.

"The situation is a bit confused," says a resident, Kathrin Pur, after dropping his daughters from 9 and 11 years old, both recently vaccinated.

Since the provision of anti-coronavirus sera to the greatest number, no country in the European Union had dared to take the plunge.

As in previous confines, the 8.9 million Austrians have, on paper, the prohibition of exiting except for shopping, sports or for medical care.

It is also possible to get to the office even if the teleworking is recommended.


The scenario was still unthinkable a few weeks ago.

The ex-Chancellor Conservative, Sebastian Kurz, had decreed the "finished" pandemic, at least for vaccinated.

arrived in October, his successor Alexander Schallenberg "was too long maintained the fiction" that everything was well, comments on the Politologist Thomas Hofer, interviewed by AFP.

Faced with the flight of cases that have reached unpublished levels since the beginning of the pandemic, it had to be resolved to "radical" measures which it had initially excluded.

Covid: Austria confines, anger rages in Europe

 Covid: Austria confines, anger rages in Europe © Apa / AFP D Epuis Midnight, Monday, Austria is officially confined, a radical measure that has awakened anger this weekend in the country Alpine, as in Belgium or the Netherlands where the return of anti-COVID restrictions 19 have caused clashes. Vienna, again dead town. Shops, restaurants, Christmas markets, concerts or hairdressers fall the curtain: with the exception of schools, the capital and the rest of the territory wake up on Monday in silence.

In addition to this confinement, the vaccination of the adult population will become mandatory on February 1, 2022, which very few countries in the world have established so far.

"I was hoping that we would not get there, especially now that we have the vaccine. It's dramatic," says Andreas Schneider, a 31-year-old economist with AFP in a shopping street from Vienna just after the announcements Friday of the government.

Massive mobilization

The reaction was quick: Saturday, about 40,000 people went down the street to shout at the "dictatorship", to the call of the far-right party FPÖ.

The next day, in Linz (North), another gathering mobilized thousands of protesters.

elsewhere in Europe, frustrations also burst.

For the third consecutive evening, troubles broke out in the Netherlands Sunday. Protestable shot of fireworks and caused many damage in several cities.

These last events were nevertheless less intense than the violence that broke out in Rotterdam Friday and Hague Saturday.

A Brussels also, clashes enamelled Sunday the gathering of some 35,000 protesters, according to the police. Belgium has announced the generalization of the port of the mask and also wants to make teleworking mandatory for the jobs that allow it.

And in the French department of Guadeloupe, in the Caribbean, the dispute of the immunization obligation for caregivers degenerated in the social crisis of magnitude.

22/11/2021 14:51:37 - Berlin (AFP) - © 2021 AFP

Former Chancellor Austria: Sebastian briefly declares withdrawal from all offices .
Austria's ex-chancellor shorts with immediate effect from politics. He explained that on Thursday morning. © Photo: Georg Hochmuth / APA / DPA Austria's Ex-Chancellor Sebastian Short Austria's Ex-Chancellor Sebastian shorts with immediate effect from politics. He explained that in a personal explanation on Thursday morning. "The decision is heavy for me," said shortly.

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