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US News: presidential election in Chile. Who will win the second round between these two candidates that any opposite?

Presidential election in Chile: José Antonio Kast, Ultraconservative candidate, given Favorite

 Presidential election in Chile: José Antonio Kast, Ultraconservative candidate, given Favorite © Martin Bernetti AFP José Antonio Kast, Republican Party, November 12, 2021. in Chile, it is the most important presidential election since Nearly 30 years. Fifteen million people are called to the polls this Sunday, November 21 to renew the Congress and choose who will succeed Sebastian Piñera at the head of the country. of our correspondent RFI in Santiago of Chile, It is the first general elections since the historical social movement against inequalities two years ago.

Gabriel Boric, à gauche et Jose Antonio Kast à droite s’affronteront le 19 décembre au deuxième tour pour la présidence du Chili. © EFE / MAXPPP photos and AFP Gabriel Boric, on the left and Jose Antonio Kast on the right will compete on December 19th in the second round for the presidency of Chile.

in the first round of the presidential election in Chile, Sunday, the far-right candidate José Antonio Kast will be opposed to Gabriel Boric, from moderate left. A duel at the uncertain outcome, which reveals the country's fractures.

two candidates, two choices of opposite society. Sunday , the Chilean decided to send José Antonio Kast (extreme right) - 27.9% of the vote - and Gabriel Boric (left) - 25.8% -, in the second round of the presidential election. The duel, on December 19, promises to be very tight.

elections in Chile: the far right wants to regain ground after social mobilizations

 elections in Chile: the far right wants to regain ground after social mobilizations © AP - Jose Luis Saavedra Jose Antonio Kast, candidate of the Chilean far right in the presidential election of November 21, 2021, during a meeting Campaign in Valdivia, November 17, 2021. The election campaign ends this Thursday, November 18 before the triple presidential, legislative and regional vote of Sunday. Very expected elections after the new social mobilizations of 2019 and the pandemic.

The first round confirmed the Irresistible ascent of José Antonio Kast. The quinquagenarian with the scathing projections, nostalgic of the dictatorship of General Pinochet (1973-1990), seduced the greatest number of voters with a safe and anti-immigration speech. Sunday night, in front of his advocacy, the former lawyer invited Chileans to choose between freedom and communism.

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This father of nine children, ultraconservative on the societal and ultraliberal issues in economics, has captured the will of stability and order of a part of the electorate, especially rural areas, observes the Politologist Daniela Campos. It represents the iron hand against drug trafficking and does not reject, despite its authoritarian, climatosceptic, antiféministic and negational positions.

elections in Chile: a ballot that looks undecided but crucial for the country

 elections in Chile: a ballot that looks undecided but crucial for the country © PHOTO / ESTEBAN FELIX Army officers speaking inside a Santiago stadium that will serve as a polling station for the General elections of this Sunday in Chile. in Chile, it is the most important presidential and legislative elections for almost thirty years. Fifteen million voters are called to the polls to renew the conference and decide who will replace the very unpopular right president Sebastian piñera at the head of the country.

Polarization of the country

His opponent, Gabriel Boric, will position himself in rampart against the far right. Cantor of a welfare state, the ex-student leader, aspires, to 35 years, to become the youngest president of the history of the country. The former deputy embodies a new left, moderate, which took out his distance from the left center coalition that has partly governed Chile since the return of democracy.

native of Punta Arenas, in the south of Patagonia, it dreams in the extension carrier of the social revolt against the inequalities that agitated Chile in 2019 and 2020. A movement that led to the historical election of a Joint Constituent Assembly.Boric is looking for a second breath, considers the Tomás Duval researcher. It will have to put a stroke at the center to hope to win the 2nd round, which will polarize the country. .

Redesign of an exsangue social model or status quot tint of authoritarianism? With a participation caping at 47.3%, the Sunday vote has mostly reaffirmed the rejection of a political system splashed by the scandals of repetitive corruption. For the first time in thirty years, the left center and the right center will be absent from the second round.

A phenomenon highlighted by the surprise breakthrough of the Franco Parisi University, arrived in third position (12.8%). This candidate catches everything, which has campaigned by videoconference since the United States due to non-payment of food pensions, will be the king's maker between the two contenders to the estate of Sebastián Piñera (right) - who could not represent oneself.

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