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US News: Russian Deputy should lose immunity

Migration crisis between Poland and Belarus: Macron and Putin call for "de-escalation"

 Migration crisis between Poland and Belarus: Macron and Putin call for © Ian Langson / Reuters Vladimir Putin and Emmanuel Macron during a meeting in the Elysee on December 9, 2019. Presidents French and Russian Have spoken for 1:45, on Monday, November 15, to evoke the influx of migrants at the border between Belarus and Poland. Emmanuel Macron and Vladimir Putin agreed on a de-escalation of the migratory crisis at the border between Belarus and Poland, announced the Elysee this Monday, November 15, at the end of A 1:45 call between French and Russian presidents.

Moscow. This recommends that of the Commission Committee of Russian State Duma. Meanwhile, the 66-year-old Waleri Raschkin admitted to have killed the animal without a hunting license.

 Ein russischer Abgeordneter soll seine Immunität verlieren, weil er einen Elch erlegt hat. © Patrick Pleul A Russian deputy should lose his immunity because he has expressed a moose.

The Process Committee of Russian State Duma recommended the abolition of the immunity of a deputy of the Unterhaus on Monday. The 66-year-old Waleri Raschkin is charged with the illegal killing of a moose. Raschkin had initially denied the allegations, but later admitted to have expressed the moose without a hunting license.

Diplomatic tug of war around Ukraine negotiations

 Diplomatic tug of war around Ukraine negotiations The calls over the Ostukraine stick. Now Germany and France throw Russia to have published confidential letters exchanged in the so-called Normandy format. © dw / e. Daneiko The flags of Belarus, Russia, Germany, France and Ukraine One have taken note of the publication of "confidential communication" at the instigation of the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, said a spokesman for the Foreign Office in Berlin. "We consider this step as a break of diplomatic practices." Germany and France

Some Russian media expressed suspicion that Raschkin, member of the Communist Party, had been charged with its frequent criticism of Kremlin and its support for the imprisoned opposition leader Alexei Nawalny. Nawalny is the most prominent critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Raschkin belonged to the few deputies of the KP in September, which loudly protested against alleged fraud in the online vote during the Russian parliamentary and local elections in Moscow.

The communist party is nominally in opposition to the Kremlin, but agrees with important political issues according to its wishes. Some observers suspected that party feet Gennadi Sjuganov could have supported the charge against Raschkin breastfeeding because he looks at him as destabilizing.

Russian ships helping Mali? No, these photos have been taken in 2008 in other countries

 Russian ships helping Mali? No, these photos have been taken in 2008 in other countries © Observers A Facebook publication dating back to November 17 claims Show Russian ships in Algiers, ready to "help Mali" Two photos published on Facebook on 17 November claim to show "Russian ships in Algeria to help Mali". Although the photos are those of Russian warships, one is that of the Moskva warship in Sevastopol in 2008, the other is that of the ship "Pierre Le Grand" taken the same year in the vicinity of Tripoli in Libya .

The lower house should vote on the matter on Thursday.

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