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US News: United Kingdom: mandatory electric vehicle terminals in new buildings from 2022

Biden savor a short thinking and sign its Great Infrastructure Act

 Biden savor a short thinking and sign its Great Infrastructure Act in the face of the threat of inflation and to a fall popularity, the US president goes through a difficult period © E. VUCCI / AP / SIPA JOE Biden signed the Infrastructure Act on November 15, 2021, in particular surrounded by Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.

for Boris Johnson, the United Kingdom's economic and industrial stimulus must go through renewable energies

Boris Johnson veut entamer la révolution verte du Royaume-Uni © Owen Humphreys / Pool / AFP Boris Johnson wants Begin the Green Revolution of the United Kingdom Fuel - For Boris Johnson, the UK's economic and industrial stimulus must go through renewable energies

the installation of a recharge point for electric vehicle will be mandatory in England in The new buildings and in the context of "major renovations" from 2022, the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on Monday. The Government hopes that 145,000 new recharge points will be created each year thanks to this new regulation, while the United Kingdom set at 2030 the prohibition of sales of new petrol and diesel vehicles in the country.

In two years, the United Kingdom lost 80% of its tourists

 In two years, the United Kingdom lost 80% of its tourists © Izusek / Getty Images The end-of-year scenario provides for a total of 7.7 million visits for 2021 in the United Kingdom. Between the Pandemic of Covid-19, Brexit and Food Shortages, the United Kingdom is struggling to attract foreign tourists. In two years, the number of visitors has dropped by 80%. The country is an isolated case in Europe, where tourism growth is returned on the rise this year, and even in the world. In 2021, tourists deserted the United Kingdom.

Boris Johnson was speaking on Monday morning in front of British business leaders at the annual conference of the CBI employer organization, judging that "the pandemic", "supply chain problems" or "prices of Energy "and" Labor Shortages "are still weighing on the British economy.

The United Kingdom to a third industrial revolution?

The British Prime Minister has called for a "green industrial revolution", to help the British economy bounce back after the pandemic but also to keep its promise of a rebalancing between the South and the north of the country. "There are limits to what the government can do," said Boris Johnson, ensuring that the private sector is the "real engine of growth".

The United Kingdom had brought together the end of October investors and multinationals on the occasion of a summit to finance its "green revolution" , for which it set the objective of attracting 90 billion pounds of private investment by 2030. The obligation to build new terminals for electric vehicles will apply in England "from next year" to the constructions of "new houses and buildings such as supermarkets or workplaces" as well as that for buildings undergoing "a major renovation", said the Prime Minister's services in a statement.

Foncière tax: How to be exempted as part of a new construction?

 Foncière tax: How to be exempted as part of a new construction? © Nattanan23 / Pixabay Exemption-of-tax-property-building-new Practice- In France, new constructions benefit from a property tax exemption, temporary and under conditions. Focus on how to get it. Below part of the Local Taxes Mandatory , the property tax is donated to the municipalities and departments. Object of A reform to enter into force from 2026 , it is currently settled by all the dwellings attached to the ground (houses, apartments, commercial buildings ...).

Companies Breeding North

The Government specifies so far so far the construction of "more than 250,000" home refill points and on workplaces. A little over a week after the end of Cop26 in Glasgow, Scotland, after which he had recognized a certain "disappointment", Boris Johnson announced on the Monday a program of loans to SMEs and projects related to renewable energies.

After "long suffering from deindustrialization", the United Kingdom can bounce through "the emerging industries, particularly in the field of biotechnology, space and cybersecurity," said Monday Tony Danker, General Manager of the CBI. Hydrogen, wind, electric vehicles: the objective of the United Kingdom to reach carbon neutrality in 2050 "creates a unique opportunity for the United Kingdom industrial centers to be at the forefront of this new industrial revolution", according to him .

But if the companies "share wholeheartedly" the will to rebalance the country, the new government rail strategy, announced at the end of last weekend and which provides for the abandonment of a high-speed line section north. -Is of the country, must be improved according to him. This decision has "bruised" companies in the north of the country, criticized Tony Danker, calling on the government to find "a better way".

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COVID-19: Towards a mandatory vaccination in Germany .
© John MacDougall / AFP The Future Chancellor Olaf Scholz pronounces a speech on regulations to combat CVIV-19, November 11, 2021 in Berlin. at major evils great remedies. To meet the Germanic phenomenon observed in the two Alpine republics, with vaccination rates completely less than 70% of the adult population, the German government intends to follow the path open by Austria : mandatory immunization against coronavirus. "As a personal capacity.

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