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US News: Hungary: The media control by the Orban government worries the UN

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Le gouvernement hongrois de Viktor Orban exerce un quasi-monopole de l'information dans le pays. © AFP - Attila Kisbeneek The Hungarian Government of Viktor Orban has a quasi-monopoly of information in the country.

visiting the country, the UN Special Rapporteur on freedom of expression, has been very concerned about the development of the media under the Government of Viktor Orban. She is concerned about the impact on the next legislative of the spring 2022.

with our corresponding in Budapest, Florence La Bruyère

The Government of Viktor Orban so much dominates the media landscape that the next legislative elections may not be fair. This is the observation made by Irene Khan, UN special rapporteur, after a week of official visit in the country during which she met with representatives of the Government, but also human rights activists, academics and journalists.

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today, nearly 80% of the Hungarian media are pro-governmental. The power has set up the audiovisual public, and it has closed or redeem with friends the latest independent newsnels.

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quasi-monopoly information

Result: the Orban government holds a quasi-monopoly. But "in a democracy, there can be no monopoly of information," says Irene Khan. She also denounces the fact that pro-government media are used to launch hatred campaigns against those who criticize the executive.

"It is a toxic environment, deliberately created by political leaders to sow hate and divide society," observes Irene Khan. According to the UN rapporteur, which has only a power of recommendation, the European Union and its Member States should encourage the Hungarian Government to respect the freedom of information.

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