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US News: Iran hopes a "constructive" meeting with the head of the IAEA

Dual earthquake in Iran, at least one dead

 Dual earthquake in Iran, at least one dead Iran-Seism: Double earthquake in Iran, at least one dead © Reuters / Wana News Agency Double earthquake in Iran, at least one dead Dubai (Reuters) - two powerful Earthquakes occurred Sunday in southern Iran, near the port city of Bandar Abbas, killing at least one person and pushing residents to flee their home, reported public television. The two jumps of magnitude 6.3 and 6.4 took place in the southern province of Hormozgan, she added, and they were felt to Dubai, the United Arab Emirates.

  L'Iran espère une réunion © Atomic Energy Organization of Iran / AFP

The Iran has desired Monday a "constructive" meeting with the head of the International Agency Atomic energy (IAEA) and rejected Washington's military threats, a week of the talks planned for Vienna to try to save the Iranian nuclear agreement.

"We hope that the visit of Rafael Grosse will be as constructive as the previous ones," said the spokesman for the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Said Khatibzadeh, at a few hours from the arrival in Tehran from the head of the Nuclear Division.

"We have always advised IAEA to stay on the path of technical cooperation and not letting some countries continue their political goals on behalf of the IAEA," he added.

The IAEA highlights the persistence of Tensions with Iran

 The IAEA highlights the persistence of Tensions with Iran Iran-Nucleaire-AIEA: The IAEA highlights the persistence of tensions with Iran © Reuters / Lisi Niesner The IAEA highlights the persistence of tensions with the 'Iran Vienna (Reuters) - The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) details in two reports made Wednesday persistent tensions with Iran, reproaching it to mistreating its inspectors and prevent it from reinstalling cameras from Monitoring, however, found to be "essential" with the revival of the 2015 International Agreement on the Te

Mr. Grosfi arrived Monday night in Tehran where he was welcomed by the Iranian Organization of Atomic Energy (OIEA), Behrouz Kamalvandi, according to the official IRNA agency.

He must meet on Tuesday the head of the IOEA, Mohammad Eslami, and the head of Iranian diplomacy Hossein Amir-Abdollahian.

These interviews take place a week before the recovery in Vienna from the discussions between Iran and the great powers to try to save the Iranian nuclear agreement, interrupted since the arrival in June of the Iranian President Ebrahim Raisf.

The Vienna Agreement, concluded in 2015 between Iran on the one hand and the United States , the United Kingdom , China, Russia, France and Germany on the other, Offered to Tehran the lifting of a portion of the international sanctions strangling its economy in exchange for a drastic reduction of its nuclear program, placed under a strict control of the United Nations.

Iran: Important demonstration in Ispahan after the drying of the Zayandh River Roud

 Iran: Important demonstration in Ispahan after the drying of the Zayandh River Roud © FATMEH NASR / ISNA / AFP Event to Isfahan, in the center of Iran, after drying up the river due to drought and the diversion of this stream. This massive gather attracted farmers but also other people across the province. The largest grouping since the beginning of the demonstrations on November 9th. Isfahan, November 19, 2021.

But the United States unilaterally left the agreement in 2018 under the chairmanship of Donald Trump, and restored their sanctions against Tehran, accused of seeking atomic weapon under cover of civilian nuclear program. In return, Iran, which denies having such intentions, gradually abandoned its commitments.

The current US President Joe Biden said he was ready to return to the Covenant, provided that Iran returns in parallel with the restrictions on his nuclear program.

video: in Iraq, long tensions between PRO-Iran supporters and security forces after the Friday prayer (Le Figaro)

Your Browser Does Not Support This Video The move of Mr. Grossi intervenes after the IAEA reported Wednesday of a clear increase in the highly enriched uranium stock by Tehran.

"false story"

"If Iran continues at this rate, the moment will come when it will be impossible to benefit even by returning to the agreement," said the American emissary Rob Malley on Friday, during a Security Conference in Bahrain.

International Toll after the execution of an Iranian stopped at 17 years

 International Toll after the execution of an Iranian stopped at 17 years © AFP / Archives The execution Wednesday in Iran of a man sentenced for a murder that he was a minor, raised a International Taille, the ONU claiming "shocked" by the application of the death penalty despite the intervention of many parties to give it up. Iranian Arman Abdolali, today 25 years old, was executed at dawn in Rajai Shahr Prison near Tehran, in accordance with the "Talion Act" requested by the victim's family , announced the site of the Mizan Online Judiciary Authority.

The Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson accused the United States to conduct a psychological campaign against his country.

"think that with these affirmations, they (Americans) can sell a false story to the international community to create a psychological atmosphere at the approach of Vienna talks will not help them at all," said Khatibzadeh .

Saturday, the US Secretary to Defense Lloyd Austin said that all options were on the table, especially if diplomacy failed to supervise Iran's nuclear power.

Asked about the possibility of American military intervention, the Iranian Foreign Affairs spokesman has ironized: "We saw all their options in a country like Afghanistan and they saw the result of these options. I think that they do not believe that they say ".

In August, the United States ended the confusion to 20 years of occupation of Afghanistan, while the Taliban resumed power in Kabul.

Mr. Khatibzadeh assured that Iran would go to Vienna "with a full team and a serious desire to lift the sanctions. The other parties should also try to come to Vienna to achieve a practical and global agreement".

The Vienna negotiations will involve Tehran and other countries still parties to the Agreement (Germany, China, France, United Kingdom, Russia). The United States will participate indirectly in the discussions.

The last visit of Mr. Grossi to Tehran dates back to September 12. He had then met with the head of the IOEA with whom he negotiated an agreement on the maintenance of Iranian nuclear program monitoring equipment.

On November 12th he had regretted the lack of contact with the new government, hoping to travel to Tehran before a Board of Governors of the IAEA that opens on November 24.

23/11/2021 00:33:09 - Tehran (AFP) - © 2021 AFP

Iraq: The current of the Shiite Leader Moqta Saped Winner of the Legislative Legislative .
© AFP / Archives L E Current Leader Shiite Moqtada Sadr won the legislative elections of October 10 in Iraq , becoming the first block in Parliament With 73 seats, according to the final results published Tuesday. Nearly two months after the vote, the electoral commission confirmed the victory of the propection of the conquest, political showcase of the ancient paramilitaries Pro- Iran of the Hachd Al-Chaabi, which n. Stop screaming with fraud.

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