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US News: Only each: R fifth e-truck prospect: In Willlas Cybertruck have

Coronavirus: "Alarming" situation in Germany, according to Merkel

 Coronavirus: The epidemic situation in Germany is alarming, "said Chancellor Angela Merkel on Wednesday. A few hours earlier, the German Federal Health Watch Agency, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) indicated that the number of confirmed daily cases had increased by 52,826, a leap of a third party compared to the previous week. "It's not too late to opt for a first vaccine injection," said Angela Merkel during a Congress of Mayors of German cities. "Anyone who is vaccinated protects himself and others.

with Model 3 Tesla has the best-selling electric car in the world in the market. Until the Cybertruck can conquer the throne in an e-truck ranking, Tesla would have to spend some stones out of the way. The interest in the competition is greater.

Tesla Cybertruck. © Tesla Tesla Cybertruck.

Tesla has sold over a million Model 3 over the past four years. The electric car of the Californian electric car automation is thus the best-selling electric car in the world. In Europe, Model 3 in September was even the best-selling car at all . At the upcoming cybertruck, Tesla , however, has probably to boost the interest of the E-Truck fans, so that the futuristic vehicle can pass the competition.

Diesel scandal processes: costs are rising at a record sum of 1.2 billion euros

 Diesel scandal processes: costs are rising at a record sum of 1.2 billion euros The damages of car owners because of manipulated diesel exhaust emissions are to be the legal expenses insurer expensive. "The expenses of the legal expenses insurer for legal, court and expert fees have increased to 1.21 billion euros," the chief executive said the General Association of German Insurers (GDV), Jörg Asmussen, on Friday in Berlin. The diesel scandal was "the most expensive loss event in the legal protection insurance at all." © dpa bluish clouds of smoke comes from the diesel en

Ford F-150 Lightning popular as Tesla CyberTruck

in an survey of the AutoList AutoList

under e-truck fans in the US, Ford F-150 Lightning has decided the race for themselves. 38 percent of respondents would decide for the electric version of the Ford pickup classic if they had to buy an e-truck. The great interest is also reflected in the number of pre-orders, which should amount to 160,000. In the first production year 2022, Ford should build just 15,000 of the e-trucks. Whether given the small and reimbursable reservation fee of 100 US dollars all pre-orders are converted into purchases, however, is questionable.

More about Rivian R1S and R1T: The cost the electric sea trolleys and so they are equipped

Tesla Cybertruck: Allegedly 1 million reservations, production only 2022

four days in the entrance: Customer desperately at parked Amazon delivery truck on his property

 four days in the entrance: Customer desperately at parked Amazon delivery truck on his property A Californian just wanted to buy toilet paper - and came unexpected to a free van. Only he does not want to have that. © Stern / Screenshot Twitter Everyone who is occasionally traveling in sealed areas knows the ever-increasing number of vans, which stand on the street, sometimes in entrance or on the sidewalk and wait for the moving parcelman to his Delivery has done.

everything just thought out? So Tesla Rivale Lordstown Motors in a heavy crisis

with 26 percent The second largest purchase interest under E-Truck fans can record the Chevy Silverado eV for themselves. The fully electric pickup of Chevrolet should be officially presented at the Tech Messe CES in Las Vegas at least on January 5, 2022. The production should begin until the end of the coming year. With 20 percent in third place, according to the survey Teslas Cybertruck is found, which will also reuse only at the end of 2022. The cybertruck is especially popular with young people. In the age group 18 to 35 years, the Tesla e-pickup dominated, the older is the F-150 Lightning.

Hardly buying interest for Rivian R1T

Tesla Challenger Rivian, who has recently taken care of with his Mega-IPO for a stir, on the other hand, must be content in the survey. Only five percent of respondents would decide on their next e-truck purchase for a Rivian R1T. Thus, the Rivian vehicle is still behind to the lobster E-truck of GMC . The first R1t is already rolled from the band . Like the race for the e-truck crown ultimately fails, it will probably show only 2023 if all major competitors have placed their vehicles on the market.

European League: Magdeburg, Berlin and Lemgo celebrate home wins .
The handball high-flyers of the SC Magdeburg have retracted the third victory in the fourth game in the European League and will continue to be unbeaten this season. Against the Spanish club BM Logrono La Rioja won the HBL leader after a hard fight with 33:31 (16:15). Omar Ingi Magnusson and Michael Damgaard each met seven times for the SCM, who did not walk the only time in this season in the Spaniards (29:29) as a winner in this season.

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