US News: 11x greater than the sun: gigantic black hole discovered

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A black hole could be discovered thanks to a new detection option. It should be many times larger than the sun. The details.

Schwarzes Loch © Cappan / iStock Black Hole

A team of international researchers: inside, led by Sara Saracino of the Liverpool John Moores University has discovered a black hole. It's eleven times as carbonated as the sun.

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The discovery was presented on 12 November in an paper on . The black hole was discovered in a so-called globular heap, so a collection of thousands of stars, in a neighboring villas of the Milky Way.

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New detection options

The black hole could be discovered with a new detection option. The scientists: Inside, a Very Large Telescope (VLT) used a telescopic device of the European Southern Ternewarten (ESO) in the Atacama desert in the north of Chile for their research.

They observed and documented the movements of a star and could show that this circles a black hole.

"similar to Sherlock Holmes, which tracks a criminal organization based on your deeds, we consider each individual star in this pile with a magnifying glass in hand and try to find evidence of the existence of black holes, without seeing them directly" , explains the research director Saracino of the Astrophysics Research Institute.

This method provides a breakthrough and could ensure that we will hear from many other black holes in the future and learn more about them.

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"Every single discovery we do will be important to our future understanding of star clusters and black holes in them," says a co-author of the study.

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