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US News: basketball demands: National Team and Bavaria on the same evening

Germany: the future coalition soon formed, in full orally of Covid

 Germany: the future coalition soon formed, in full orally of Covid © AFP U N wedding in full orange of Covid: the three German parties that will succeed the power to the Conservatives of Angela Merkel plan to conclude the Next week Their "coalition contract", paving the way in the election early December of Olaf Scholz as Chancellor.

Such a confusion would be completely unthinkable in football. Imagine: Hansi Flick and his national team have to give up numerous Bayern and Dortmund professionals in the World Cup qualifier, because they compete in the same evening in the Champions League. Instead, the DFB fills his team with players from Freiburg, Mainz and Augsburg. What sounds utopian and absurd in the sense of sporting competition, the basketball known for years for years has again reality again.

Gordon Herbert, neuer Basketball-Bundestrainer. © Marius Becker / DPA / archive image Gordon Herbert, new basketball national coach.

At the debut of national coach Gordon Herbert plays Germany on Thursday (19.00 pm / magenta) in Nuremberg against Estonia - at the beginning of the World Cup qualification for 2023 can not be there the professionals of FC Bayern, the same evening at 18.00 clock at Zska Moscow to play. Also not nominate Herbert: all seven NBA actors, the players from Alba Berlin as well as the other professionals that are active in foreign clubs in the Euroleague.

Energy Policy: Poland demands end for pipeline Nordstream 2

 Energy Policy: Poland demands end for pipeline Nordstream 2 Prime Minister Morawiecki urges Germany to give up the pipeline project with Russia. It also deals with the defense of the EU external border. Because of the conflict with Belarus he warns of "millions" migrants. © Piotr Mallecki / Imago Images Poland Mister President Mateusz Morawiecki does not want Russia to export gas directly to Germany.

"It is difficult with national team windows during the season and the conflict between Fiba and the Euroleague. But as a trainer, I have the responsibility to adapt me accordingly, as the situation is, "Herbert said the German Press Agency. There is not much left.

On Monday, the German Basketball Bund (DBB) announced that the Euroleague players "despite persistent efforts" are probably not available. Also not for the second game on Sunday evening in Poland, which would have been feasible, because at least the national leagues for the World Cup qualifier pause.

"For players who play in the Euroleague and then all summer, it's really much. There are you then in the stress, "Herbert said. At the time, in all competitions, in some evenings at best at two places at the same time: this is the principle basketball, about which the World Association Fiba and the Euroleague have been shreds for years.

Bavaria's pawls Send dramatic help for Corona overload

 Bavaria's pawls Send dramatic help for Corona overload The Bavarian hospitals warn in view of the unrestricted rising corona infection numbers from an imminent overloading of intensive stations and demand significantly harder contact restrictions in the Free State. "The current situation is so dramatic, as she had never been in the entire pandemic time in Bavaria," said the Managing Director of the Bavarian Hospital Society, Roland Engebausen, the "Augsburger general" of Friday.

against Estonia, there are therefore professionals from Bamberg, Frankfurt, Hamburg or Crailsheim. "The positive is that we can test young players for Germany. You get a chance to present yourself at a young age and gather experiences, "said the 62-year-old Herbert, who does not complain large about the adverse circumstances, but works simply. The goal is clear despite all the failures: one of 32 World Cup tickets for 2023 in Japan, Indonesia and the Philippines, for which it is to be reached by February 2023 two group phases.

DBB Vice President Armin Andres also sees the overall situation problematic. For professionals of Bavaria or Alba, 34 Bundesliga and 34 Euroleague games are initially starting, after the playoffs before it goes on to the national team. "I think the problem is that everything is held on the back of the players. They have little more air to take the recovery phases. This will be a problem in the future, "said Andres. The coach and the official ancestain: From the team, which runs against Estonia on Thursday in the new Nuremberg Arena, will not remain much left in the summer 2022.

Kohfeldt's Warning: Anyone who thinks of Lille does not play against Mainz .
only from game to play. For many a floskel, Wolfsburg coach Florian Kohfeldt but it says damn serious. © Imago Images / Rhr-Photo set up a clear announcement to its players: VfL coach Florian Kohfeldt. Wolfsburg's coach: "We are on the places we want to have" A game already casts his shadows. Wednesday in a week, VfL Wolfsburg welcomes the Osc Lille to the group final in the Champions League. Only with a win pull the Lower Saxony into the round of the premier.

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