US News: Terman Chaos robbed Trinchieri Understanding: Praise for Voigtmann

in Kabul, a military show of the Taliban force demonstration form

 in Kabul, a military show of the Taliban force demonstration form Afghanistan-conflict-army: In Kabul, a military parade in the form of force demonstration of Taliban © Reuters / Stringer in Kabul, a military parade in Force Demonstration of Taliban by Gibran Naiyyar Peshimam Kabul (Reuters) - Talibane forces organized a military parade Sunday in Kabul, where he paraded armored vehicles of American manufacturing and Russian helicopters, a demonstration of force intended. to illustrate the moulting of the new masters of Afghanistan.

Bayern Munich's Trainer Andrea Trinchieri reacts with a break-in on the appointment chaos in basketball. While his team starts on Thursday (18.00 pm) in the Euroleague near Zska Moscow, German international players receive almost at the same time (19.00 pm) in the World Cup qualifier the Estonians. "That should stop," the Italian Trinchieri said on Tuesday for the long-term topic that leaves him. "We have to get together a program that is Smarter, which takes into account everything."

Trainer Andrea Trinchieri. © Tobias Hase / dpa / archive image Trainer Andrea Trinchieri.

The Münchner hope for two Euroleague home wines in series now also in Russia on a coup. In Nuremberg, Gordon Herbert gives his debut as a national coach to the prelude of the Quali for the World Cup 2023 - without the professionals of Bayern. "It's not good for the national teams and for the clubs," Trinchieri criticized the dense and overlapping propositions. But that is a "never-ending topic".

ZSKA Around national player Johannes Voigtmann is an incredible challenge for Trinchieri. "They are always a candidate for the Final Four, for the trophy," was the Bayern coach. It will therefore be "super difficult" against the Russians. From the ball-facing wing player Voigtmann enthuses Trinchieri. "I love him," he said laughing. "His hands are the hands of a pianist."

Qatar dispute continues: Hainer "Cold businessman without understanding" .
Bayern-Fan Michael Ott renews his criticism of the Bayern Bayern and Sponsor Qatar Airways. He calls the president a "cold businessman". © Provided by Qatar dispute continues: Hainer "Cold businessman without understanding" The annual general meeting of FC Bayern has torn a ditch between some fans and FC Bayern - so much is likely to become clear in the last few days.

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