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US News: Ukraine asserts that Russia-controlled forces are preparing for combat

North Stream 2: Ukraine wins a small victory in front of Russia

 North Stream 2: Ukraine wins a small victory in front of Russia © Reuters - Maxim Shemetov The North Stream 2 logo on the Chelyabinsk pipeline in Russia. In the poker part which opposes Ukraine to Russia, around the northern gas pipeline file, Kiev has just put on the table a major card, after the German energy regulator, in Load of North Stream 2 certification, recognized the Ukrainian gas operator as a stakeholder in the gas pipeline certification process. Ukraine hopes to delay or prevent the commissioning of North Stream 2, using European law.

Ukraine-Crisis-Donbass: Ukraine affirms that Russia's controlled forces are preparing for combat

L'UKRAINE AFFIRME QUE DES FORCES CONTRÔLÉES PAR LA RUSSIE SE PRÉPARENT AU COMBAT © Reuters / Alexander Ermochenko Ukraine affirms That controlled forces by Russia are preparing for battle

by Natalia Zinets

Kiev (Reuters) - Russia-controlled forces in the Donbass region, in eastern Ukraine, are preparing for combat and have carried out Large-scale military exercises, said Tuesday the intelligence management of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense.

The Ministry thus affirms in a statement that Russia "increases the preparation for the fight of the Russian occupation forces in the territory temporarily occupied in the regions of Donetsk and Louhansk", two cities of Donbass.

Ukraine-Russia publishes its diplomatic correspondence with France and Germany

 Ukraine-Russia publishes its diplomatic correspondence with France and Germany Ukraine-crisis / Russia - Europe: Ukraine-La Russia publishes its diplomatic correspondence with France and Germany by Andrey Ostroukh Moscow, 17 November (Reuters) - The Russian Foreign Ministry published some letters of its diplomatic correspondence on Wednesday with France and Germany with the aim of demonstrating that its diplomatic position in the talks about the crisis in eastern Ukraine been distorted.

Video: Moscow: Sergei Lavrov receives his Lebanese counterpart Abdallah Bou Habib (AFP)

Theater since 2014 an insurrection of Prorussian separatists in the east of his territory, Ukraine S ' Worried for several weeks of Russian troop movements near his border with Russia. The United States and NATO also denounced this Russian military activity.

Russia rejects the suspicion that it is prepared to launch an offensive against Ukraine and accuses Kiev and Westerners to maintain a dangerous climate of tension.

US officials told Reuters that they did not expect an imminent attack, but Russian movements indicated a start of crisis.

Monday, the Russian service of external information compared the current situation with the one who prevailed before the war in Georgia in 2008, a conflict of which Russia came out victorious in the space of a few days.

(Natalia Zinets report, written by Matthias Williams; French version Valentine Baldassari, edited by Blandine Hénault)

Lead 1-Blinken Dating Lavrov on Tensions on Ukraine .
Europe-Securite / (Lead 1, Photo, TV): Lead 1-Blinken Dating Lavrov on Ukraine Tensions (Updated After Interview Blinken -Lavrov; TV production available) by Humeyra Pamuk and Johan Ahlander Stockholm, 2 December (Reuters) - US Secretary of State Antony Blinken warned Russia against the serious consequences it would suffer in case of Invasion of Ukraine and exhorted Moscow to find a diplomatic solution to its crisis with Kiev.

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