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Buy a property in Spain in 2021: Has the pandemic changed what buyers are looking for?

 Buy a property in Spain in 2021: Has the pandemic changed what buyers are looking for? © Provided by Idealista Property Buying Trends in Spain 2021 Natural light, good orientation, a living room and a spacious kitchen, terrace or garden, large rooms, a quiet place and an effective house ... here are the characteristics that are looking for People living in Spain and the expatriates who purchase a property in Spain , according to data from AEDAS HOMES and real estate agents in Spain.

when the skin is dry and the lips are cracked, many consumers swear to the use of Vaseline. But the ointment can still much more. We show you how to use the protective cream as well.

Ungeahnte Anwendung: Das kann Vaseline alles © iStock / Towfiqu Ahamed Unimageable application: This can be Vaseline all so originated Vaseline

1859 made the US chemist Robert Chesebroug in petroleum conveying plants an exciting discovery. He fell on paraffin-like residues on the drill rods, which were used by the workers in a special kind. They were used to heal fire wounds and abrasions. The researcher filled out some vials of the oil waste product and developed the Vaseline, which he had patented in 1872. Since then, the cream has started a winning train around the world, and in many bathroom cabinets a fixed home.

School Harassment: Emmanuel Macron Announces New Measurements

 School Harassment: Emmanuel Macron Announces New Measurements The Head of State has announced this Thursday a series of measures against school harassment, a scourge that affects nearly one in ten pupils. Victim Assistance Application, Strengthening parental control, multiplication of listening places: the executive reacted after several cases that marked the opinion. After the suicide of the Dinah College, 14 years old and victim of harassment, expectations were strong on the side of parents.

How Vaseline

acts as "" reports, Vaseline holds the skin moist, but is completely different than a conventional moisturizer. She does not move, but forms a barrier. So she ensures that the moisture can not escape from the skin.

In addition, the vaseline protects the skin from dirt and also forms an effective shield against cold and dry air. The website also refers to a study from 2013, which found that Vaseline can also be helpful to treat wounds.

So you care for your skin in winter.

Vaseline can also help with diaper dermatitis

when infants under a wound Po, the so-called diaper dermatitis suffer, Vaseline can also be used. This gave a study published in 2014 published in the "Journal of Allowy and Clinical Immunology", which established that outbreaks were reduced by treatment with vaseline.

Winter Camping Inspired in some regions,

 Winter Camping Inspired in some regions, in Thuringia is popular with winter camping - but only in regions with winter activities. For example, living mobile parking spaces are in the Thuringian Forest or Erfurt, in Greiz or Rudolstadt, on the other hand, there are almost no inquiries for the winter, as a survey of the German Press Agency revealed. © Jan Waitas / dpa central picture / eg / archive image A snowy road sign shows the way to a campsite.

For Windelermatitis, the "American Academy of Dermatology Association" recommends to apply Vaseline to its "" website for each diaper change and report that in many cases the rash disappears within two to three days. But before you tend to this product, you should definitely consult with the pediatrician. He can exclude that this is another skin disease and give you tips for optimal treatment.

You should know that about diapers.

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Vaseline against wound scrubs

Just narrow clothing can cause the fabric to rub on the skin and thus leads to wounds. The same applies in the summer months if, for example, naked thighs rubbing together with airy clothing.

Such problems can be avoided according to the "American Academy of Dermatology Association" if you treat your problem areas generously with Vaseline before slips in tight pants or mini skirt. The protective barrier of the cream ensures that the annoying scrub is significantly reduced.

Florian Neuhaus, the man for special gates

 Florian Neuhaus, the man for special gates The gate of Florian Neuhaus Zum 2: 0 Against Greuther Fürth was an eye-catcher. Not for the first time in his career, the midfielder meets an extraordinary way. © Getty Images Florian Neuhaus presented his skills as artists against Greuther Fürth. Gladbach's midfielder as artists The problem know all the footballers. Between idea and execution sometimes worlds can lie. But at Neuhaus, so it seems that things are somehow closer to each other than other professionals.

also a skier can help against wound thighs.

Nail Treatment with Vaseline

Just if you often visit a nail salon, you will find that the nails can suffer from beauty care and become brittle and dry. Again, according to "", Vaseline can remedy. If it is regularly applied between the treatments on nails and cuticle, it can ensure that the fingernails remain elastic and do not stop.

Slights off with Vaseline

as "" reports, Vaseline can also make life easier for us in the evening. With this means you can remove wonderful Mascara or Eyeliner.

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before the persecutor duel between Eintracht Braunschweig and the SV Meppen Löwen-Coach Michael Schiele spoke about the upcoming opponent and the current situation of the 3rd league. For both teams, two is two in tangible proximity. © Imago Images / Beautiful Sports "Meppen becomes a big home task": Michael Schiele.

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