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US News: Corona Pandemic: Deals Germany again the Lockdown?

Pandemic: Results of the Corona Summit: Covenant and Countries beat the harder Corona course An

 Pandemic: Results of the Corona Summit: Covenant and Countries beat the harder Corona course An on Thursday advise Chancellor Merkel and the Prime Minister New Corona measures. Now seep through first details. © dpa unvolted deja-vu a very special working group. nine pages and 19 points should bring the turnaround in the coiling corona situation. "Only with a societal effort, we can defeat this virus," says in the decision-making for the Corona Summit of Federation and Countries on Thursday, which is present to the Handelsblatt. key points are: a nationwide 2G rule.

This Wednesday, the new Infection Protection Act in Germany enters into force. But whether it is sufficient to break the fourth infection wave is unclear. Therefore, new, old measures are becoming a debate.

Muss doch bald wieder alles schließen? Die Diskussion um Lockdowns hat längst begonnen © Daniel Kubirski / Picture Alliance has to close everything soon? The discussion about Lockdowns has long begun

Lockdown for Unvacaked, Part-Lockdown for all, Lockdown in football. The suggestions in the fight against the rising coronal numbers are numerous and not new. What is not really conceivable, must now be thought again.

The Managing Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn is asked in the interview at the Rheinische Post for possible part-lockdowns. "Excluding nothing in this situation, so bitter that is," says his answer.

The first drug against Corona: In these Berlin practices, there is the remedy - and you need to know

 The first drug against Corona: In these Berlin practices, there is the remedy - and you need to know it is a bright spot in the fight against the deadly virus: in Berlin now offer a total of 14 medical practices and clinics treatment with a corona Drug. This should protect against heavy progress and hospital instructs.

act earlier - the new motto?

But if it helps? Spahn holds a preference of the Prime Minister Conference on 9 December at an earlier date given the Corona situation in Germany's southeast for possible. "I even think we'll have to act earlier. We see that in Saxony, Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg and Thuringia the location is very serious," said Spahn of the Rheinische Post.

Muss die Situation immer wieder neu erklären - der geschäftsführende Gesundheitsminister Jens Spahn © Wolfgang Kumm / DPA / Picture Alliance must re-explain the situation again and again - the managing Minister of Health Jens Spahn

and the infection numbers in Germany continue to rise. The Robert Koch Institut (RKI) reports 66,884 positive tests within 24 hours. These are 14,058 cases more than Wednesday a week ago when 52,826 new infections were reported.

Video: Lauterbach: have to start thinking about vaccinations (dpa)

"The mood is heated": around 30,000 participants in Corona protests in Vienna

 tens of thousands protest in Vienna against the new corona measures. There are bottles on policemen, demonstrating do not wear masks. © Photo: DPA / Lisa Leutner / AP Demonstration against coronavirus restrictions in Vienna. to the Viennese protest against the Corona measures in Austria have participated in new official estimates around 30,000 people. A great protest was wide parts of the traffic in Vienna's city center on Saturday afternoon. "The mood is heated," a police spokesman said.

The seven-day incidence is once again rising on a record value of 404.5 from 399.8 the day before. The value indicates how many people each 100,000 inhabitants have infected themselves in the past seven days with the coronavirus.

Unvazed Focus

CDU presidency candidate Friedrich Merz has suggested a lockdown for uncovered in view of the steeply rising corona infection numbers. "Who is not vaccinated or recovered, can only be part of the pharmacy, the supermarket and the doctor," Merz said to the editorial network Germany.

and he wants to further increase the pressure on unvacaked. You could then no longer work: "With consistent 2G control, access to the operation and the job would only be possible for vaccinated and genesis - with all consequences," said Merz. It must apply: "No uncovered more in the office, no unclear Member More in the Bundestag, no Uncomanced student more in the lecture hall and no unraveled football player More on the lawn."

Again riots in the Netherlands

 Again riots in the Netherlands in Enschede, the police issued an Emergency Regulation - a crowd was driven apart with knocking sticks. Also in the Belgian capital, people demonstrated against corona measures. © Olivier Matthys / AP / Picture Alliance In Brussels, the police drifted demonstrators with waterers back in the third night in a row in the Netherlands protests against the Corona pads were turned into violence. Unrest was on Sundayend among others in the cities Leeuwarden, Groningen, Enschede and Tilburg.

Pandemieteer Sport?

To Saxony and Bavaria, the federal states of Baden-Württemberg and Lower Saxony have aggravated the measures for sport due to the corona situation. The state government in Stuttgart released a new Corona Regulation, which is valid from this Wednesday and, according to the stadiums and sports halls, only a maximum of 50 percent may be utilized. The upper limit is 25,000 spectators.

Stadion in Mönchengladbach (am Samstag): Lieber lichte Ränge oder dichtes Gedränge fürs wahre Fußballfieber? © Wolfgang Zink / Picture Alliance Stadium in Mönchengladbach (on Saturday): Dear clear ranks or dense crowd for true football fever?

for Helge Leonhardt, the president of the football second division Erzgebirge Aue, that's not enough: "We need a football lockdown until the end of December. The next four weeks are extremely difficult for our country and make us a tearing sample," said Leonhardt of the image newspaper.

Fab / AR (AFP, RTR, SID)

Stranded Corona Measures Planned .
Because of the dramatic corona situation, Bund and countries want to decide sharper measures for curbing the pandemic. Also a general vaccination requirement is in conversation. © Lukas Barth / Reuters Provided by Deutsche Wave Confederation and countries plan to combat the Corona Pandemic Hardener measures. Among other things, they want to decide on the extension of the 2G rule on the retail trade and about restrictions on major events.

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