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US News: Assault of the Capitol: The Special Commission summons several far-right groups

The European Union wants to verdir its imports to counter the deforestation

 The European Union wants to verdir its imports to counter the deforestation © Bay Ismoyo / AFP This photograph taken on February 24, 2014 at a Greenpeace Air Study Mission in Kalimantan Province on the Island of Borneo In Indonesia, shows the deforestation of a forest for an exploitation of palm oil. Photo Stock Illustration. The European Commission wants to prohibit the importation of products contributing to deforestation, such as soy, beef, or palm oil. Its draft legislation should still be discussed by Member States and MEPs.

La commission spéciale de la Chambre des représentants enquête sur l'assaut du Capitole qui s'est produit le 6 janvier 2021. © AP - J. Scott Applewhite The Special Commission of the Chamber of Representatives Investigation on the Assault of the Capitol which occurred on January 6, 2021.

new convocations in the investigation of the Special Commission of the House of Representatives on the Assault of the Capitol. This time, they are extreme right groups and figures of the movement that are called to testify.

with our correspondent in Washington, Guillaume Naudin

These are well known groups that are summoned. First, the proud boys, or the "proud boys" in French, who describe themselves as a pro-western organization. They are easily recognized with their black and yellow brand polos. They were a hundred in Washington on January 6 and several of their members are judged for participating in the Capitol's assault.

Assault on the Capitol: Steve Bannon, near Trump, pleadless

 Assault on the Capitol: Steve Bannon, near Trump, pleadless © Andrew Caballero-Reynolds The former councilor of Donald Trump Steve Bannon, in Washington, November 15, 2021 Steve Bannon, Near Ally of the Former American President Donald Trump, pleaded Wednesday not guilty of the loads of "hindrance to the prerogatives of the Congress" on the attack on Capitol, on 6 January, according to judicial documents.

video: Capitol attack: four police officers testify to the Congress of the physical and verbal violence of the attackers (BFMTV)

the leader of the Proud Boys is also summoned, even if he was already in prison The time for burning a flag black lives Matter flew near a church during a pro-Trump meeting.

The Alex Jones

polemist also summoned, the Oeepers, those who "take oath", and especially their leader. This other far-right movement denounces a tyranny from the federal government. And many of its members are also charged for their participation in the attack.

The day before, the Special Commission had already summoned the far-right and founding polemicist of the Alex Jones website, who has just lost a defamation trial against the families of the Sandy Hook School Killing in 2012.

convened Also, a close counselor of Donald Trump, Roger Stone who used members of Oath Keepers as bodyguards on January 6th. So far the closer to the former president does not cooperate with the Special Commission.

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Finland: five men arrested in Kankaanpää for an ultra-right attack project .
These are the first arrests for a far-right attack project in Finland, according to Police © Juha sinisalo / Lehtikuva / AFP Five young men were arrested and detained in Kankaanpää in southwestern Finland.

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