US News: Ariane Ascaride causes the words and sermons of Marcel Pagnol in the churches of Marseille

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until 26 November 2021, eight Marseilles churches are filled with the famous Provencal writer with the actors of the Théâtre du Gymnasium.

  Ariane Ascaride fait résonner les mots et les sermons de Marcel Pagnol dans les églises de Marseille © Supplied by FranceInfo

This is a rather original tour for the theater theater of Marseille Gymnasium. Until 26 November 2021, they play and declaim the sermons signed Marcel Pagnol in the Chairs of the Marseillais churches. Ariane Ascaride opens the ball in the choir of the parish church of Saint-Just. D U Prado at Cart, The comedian continues his "theatrical pilgrimage" through eight churches of the Phocian city.

Ariane Ascaride and Pagnol

Extracts from theatrical films or works of Marcel Pagnol, the selected texts resonate in a very special way under the vaults of the Saint-Victor Abbey. They divinely evoke human nature. Sitting on a chair located in the center of the choir, Ariane Ascaride repeats a preaching of the novel manon des sources. "My brothers, I'm glad to see you all gathered in our little church ..." says the comedian with the accent. The exercise is unpublished. Few women ride in pulpit, let alone actresses. "Marcel Pagnol tells dramas, tragedies like 'the baker's wife', but he tells him with the language of the street and retranscribe with a wonderful way," says Ariane Ascaride.

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of the Chair at the

stage at a few hours of public representation, the priest of the Saint-Victor Abbey attends the preview for the provision of Ariane Ascaride. "It was great, we would have thought about it!" He went enthusiastic. Sermons have always been important in Marcel Pagnol's writings, if the priest recognizes, it is undoubtedly that the experience of the Chair and the scene is sometimes close enough. "The most difficult, it's is when we talk to a public and feel that we touch it. There is nothing worse than seeing people yawning, fall asleep, watching their watch or their smartphone, "Father Bernard Lucnei.

On the program of the S Text Tour as the Cué de Cucugnan but also some unknown nuggets.

" The Sermons of Pagnol " by Ariane Ascaride and Olivier Rabourdin from 23 to 26 November 2021.

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- Tuesday, November 23rd

11:30 - Parish Church Saint-Just

68 Rue Alphonse Daudet, 13013 Marseille

19h45 - Notre Dame de Mount

place Notre Dame du Mont - 1 rue de Lodi, 13006 Marseille

- Wednesday, November 24

15h30 - Abbey Saint-Victor

3 rue de l'Abbaye, 13007 Marseille

19h00 - Basilica Notre-Dame-de-la-Guard

Street Fort du Sanctuary, 13006 Marseille

- Thursday, November 25

13h00 - Church Notre-Dame-des-mate

8 pl. Daviel, 13002 Marseille

18h00 - Church of Trinity

35 rue de la Palud, 13001 Marseille

- Friday, November 26

11:30 - Armenian Apostolic Cathedral of Saints Translators of Marseille

339 Av. of Prado, 13008 Marseille

20h00 - Armenian Apostolic Church of Beaumont

8 IMP. Mountains, 13012 Marseille

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